About Me

Self portrait of Ashley Rescott
Self portrait of Ashley Rescott

I’m an artist, and the camera is my paintbrush, the world my canvas. Capturing memories for other people is something special for me and those people I photograph. When a Marine breaks from formation after not seeing his family for seven months, and his daughter runs to him for the first time, there is a joy to be captured with my camera. Those photographs will be cherished and remembered for the rest of their lives. A couple in love with each other, a one year old enjoying their very first (and messy) taste of birthday cake, a growing family.

Special memories that can last forever. It’s an odd thing to say, but I truly enjoy photographing people. Giving them something that they will treasure for a lifetime. That is what I do. This is what I love to do. I am a photographer.

I did not start the journey to becoming a professional photographer by picking up a camera. It sounds odd, but really the first step I took toward professional photography was enrolling in college. Like a lot of photographers I know, I was the photographer for my high school year book, I was always taking pictures myself. I earned my degree in Photographic Technologies in 2013 with high honors. The knowledge led a great foundation for me to build my skills and style.

Ashley Rescott Photography has now been in three states; North Carolina, where I got my start, Florida for a very brief time, and I am currently located in Fredericksburg, Virginia and offering sessions in Riviera Beach, Maryland.

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