Bex in the Rain | Jacksonville NC Outdoor Boudoir

I have a very unique business dynamic compared to most photographers. A lot of my clients prefer I do not share their images for various reasons. Others may not be up for being nude, or mostly nude, outside. I totally understand this and to scratch my portfolio and creative itches, I team up with local models. One of these amazing models is Bex. We’ve worked together before, a time or two or three.

We wanted to come up with something we haven’t seen before so we scheduled a shoot and started tossing ideas around. At one point, we checked the weather and say the forecast of RAIN! Normally, this is a session killer but Bex and I decided to go for it! I have an amazing friend who has opened her land to me for sessions so we headed there, and boy did it rain! We also had my awesome hair and make up artist, Laura, and my fabulous assistant Jenn on hand to really create some magic. (I may have also ended up doing a full split thanks to a muddy hill).

Without further ado, I give you Bex on a rainy day.

Hair & make up by Looks by Laura


10 thoughts on “Bex in the Rain | Jacksonville NC Outdoor Boudoir”

  1. These are just gorgeous! So many reasons to love them but the last few are the most powerful! Being a woman is AWESOME! If I was closer I would book you in a minute!

  2. What an amazing idea to use the rain! Bex is so graceful, she looks like she’s been a dancer? My favorite through are the ones where you are shooting through something with rain on it. Those are beautiful and have such a mystery/story quality about them-love it! That is amazing that your friend has let you use her land, cause this Jacksonville location turned out so perfect!

  3. I love the idea of rainy boudoir photos! There’s something so intimate about that. Also, it is really great that you are so respectful of your clients’ wishes regarding privacy. I think as photographers it’s easy to want to share all our work of it and sometimes as photographers we can get frustrated when clients request we don’t share photographs we are really proud of. Jacksonville, North Carolina is lucky to have you as a photographer with talent and integrity!

  4. I absolutely loved the images of you shooting through the rain covered window. It gave such a cool texture and dimension to your images. This Jacksonville NC Boudoir Rain Session may be out of the box, but I really liked how versatile you can make a boudoir session.

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