woman standing in sunflower field

Introducing Boudie Ambassador Nina | Jacksonville NC Sunflower Boudoir

Back in April, I posted that I was looking for Boudoir Ambassadors. Among the many responses I received, Nina’s stood out to me for a couple of different reasons. A fellow New Englander who is also coffee & Friends obsessed, I knew we’d hit it off! SO glad I was right!! Here is an excerpt from her application: “I am a navy wife that grew up in a small Italian town in Rhode Island. I am currently living in Jacksonville NC and loving the laid back southern life style. I love to cook and make my own fresh tomato sauce. The way to my heart is a hot mug of black coffee and a bag of salt and vinegar chips. If I’m not attempting to do yoga in my living room you can usually find me curled up on the couch watching endless Friends reruns. ”

We met at the Sunflower Field in Cape Carteret by the Emerald Isle bridge for this gorgeous sunset boudoir session. There were people around, which definitely made things a bit awkward at times, especially for Nina’s FIRST shoot with me! Fortunately, we did hit it off and about 15 minutes in she was posing like a pro and completely comfortable, regardless of everyone around. This is what Nina had to say when she saw her images: “I’ve been an unhealthy size 2, a healthy size 8 and every damn size in between. My body is full of scars from surgery and my legs are two completely different lengths. But today I couldn’t be more humbled and excited to share my story as Ashley Rescott Photography’s newest boudoir ambassador ” THIS. This right here is WHY I do what I do.

We preplanned wardrobe so the black dress and wine hat are hers, the rest are studio pieces! The black skirt, wine lace dress, and black halter body suit are all hanging in the studio closet for any boudies to use. After the session, I posted sneak peeks on my Facebook page, my VIB Group, and my instagram. One of the images has even been featured by AIBP!

Here are some of the amazing images we made at the sunflower field!

woman on knees in sunflower field sunflower boudoir woman standing in sunflower field woman standing in sunflower field woman laying in sunflower field woman in lace dress standing in sunflower field woman in black dress in sunflower field woman in black bodysuit laying on the ground woman in black bodysuit kneeling in sunflower field

7 thoughts on “Introducing Boudie Ambassador Nina | Jacksonville NC Sunflower Boudoir”

  1. Nina is gorgeous and a wonderful representative for your boudoir photography. If I lived in Jacksonville, NS I would totally jump on the opportunity to have you photograph my boudoir photos in a sunflower field.

  2. What a gorgeous woman you’ve chosen to represent your boudoir brand! I love that hat and that last image you shared is so powerful.

  3. This Sunflower Field in Cape Carteret is absolutely stunning and the perfect spot for these boudoir photographs. Such a gorgeous model! My absolute favorite is the third one from the top where she is holding her hat and surrounded by flowers. Amazing capture!

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