Black Friday Specials!

Now that the leftovers are in the fridge, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents. This year I’m releasing special session pricing for shoots through March 1st. It can be used for families, seniors, children, couples. They are not valid on boudoir sessions.

Sessions must be paid for in full TODAY, November 28, 2014 by 4:30 pm.

You do not have to have a date in mind, but this is valid only on sessions booked for before March 1, 2015. If you don’t use the session before then, what you’ve paid will turn into a retainer fee for a session and will go toward a full price session. All sales are final.

How do you order? Simply email me with the email you’d like me to use to send a PayPal invoice. Once it’s paid, you’re good to go! All unpaid invoices will be cancelled at 6:00 pm EST.

I am based out of Frederi


Holiday Mini Sessions

It’s that time of year again! That time when sending out cards becomes an art form.

Let’s make your cards ROCK!

I’m offering a 30 minute session on location, or in studio this year. PLUS you’ll receive online copies of your images AND 25 custom greeting cards.

The best part? It’s an absolute steal at $99! Seriously!
HolidayMinisI have very limited spaces available! Contact me asap to book your session!

Boudoir Session Contest!

Want to win a free boudoir session with me?

Here’s what to do. Find the pinned post on my Facebook page and comment with your session idea between now and Monday evening at 6 pm.

This is where it gets fun.

I will turn each idea into a graphic representation and upload them into a gallery. Tag yourself in your idea and have your friends come like the page and your photo idea. The gallery will be open until Sunday, November 30th at 9 pm. At that time, I will tally up who has the most likes/votes on their idea. The person with the most likes wins!

Now for the nitty gritty. You MUST like Boudoir by Ashley Rescott Photography to enter. People who like/vote must also like Boudoir by Ashley Rescott Photography for their vote to count. You CAN share the photo of your idea in groups, your wall, etc. This contest is in no way endorsed, supported or affiliated with Facebook. You MUST be 18 years old in order to win. Must be willing to sign a model release for photos to be used for portfolio & advertising purposes. Additional prints & products will be available for purchase. Upgraded session available at additional cost. The session will be shot in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It is non-transferable.

The prize!
A Miss Claus package, themed with your suggestion!
Professional hair & make up, a ninety minute photo session and a 5×7 book with your images! Talk about a perfect present for your significant other!


The Hommowuns: Adam and Heather

There is something special about loyal clients…and friends. Three years ago, I received a phone call from a friend that her & her husband were interested in ball photos and wanted me to take them. I agreed wholeheartedly! I scoped out a great location, figured out the perfect time for lighting. They were my first session as a professional.




We had a BLAST! They were so easy to work with and were up for anything; what more could I ask for in clients?!

A few months later, Adam was promoted. I was there, on the beach, with my camera & gear.



That year’s ball, we did it again! This time right by the hotel where our ball was, since our husbands were both in 2d Radio Bn. I got my hair & make up done early and headed straight to the hotel to take their photos. I got some odd looks in my jeans & hoodie with my hair & make up all done for a ball, but it was totally worth it.



As you may know, I went to school for photography. This did include a class on portraiture, which meant I needed models. I called Heather and set everything into place for me to photograph a fashion shoot with her in one of my ball gowns. Shannon Sines even did her hair & make up for me to really give the shoot a little extra OOMPH!



A few months later, I was driving through downtown Jacksonville when an idea for a photo shoot popped in my head, totally random. I wanted to shoot a vintage styled session, specifically in the rain. A few minutes later, my phone ringed. It was Heather and she immediately started off with “So I just got this awesome idea for a photo shoot…”. You know you’re friends when you randomly have the exact same idea.

It took a little while to make this happen since we needed it raining, but not pouring. Everything fell into place. I had another session scheduled that cancelled due to rain; but I already had my sitter lined up. I called Heather and Adam, they met me downtown in half an hour for one of the most fun I’ve had during a photo shoot.


Heather is just all over my portfolio! I also did another session with just her, most of those pictures I won’t post here, but here are a couple from when we moved that particular shoot outside to the fountain in her apartment complex.



Adam opted to become a Marine Security Guard, also known as embassy duty. While he was in school, Heather came and stayed with us a few times (and visit him about 20 miles up the highway!). One of these trips, we hopped in my car, drove around and just took pictures. Some of my favorites of her thus far!



Last time she was here was for Adam’s MSG graduation. Of course I went, and naturally I brought my camera. And I got one of my absolute favorite pictures of him this time! Not to mention a couple super cute pictures of them together.



 Aren’t they just adorable?!

With the graduation of MSG Training comes their next move, and their farthest one yet: they will be moving to Western Africa! Over the years they have been amazing friends and outstanding clients.  Good luck and have fun over there, Heather & Adam!

Cutest Couple’s Photo Contest!

I am going to put a new twist on an old favorite!

I am now accepting photo submissions for the cutest couple photo contest. If you send more than one, I’m going to use whichever you sent me first. You can send them in a message to my Facebook page or you can email them to me I recommend messaging them to me on Facebook so I can contact you easier 😉

I will upload them into an album and you can share to your heart’s content. To have people vote for you, they must “like” the photo AND the page. I will be verifying likes as we go. Every 5 likes, you will receive 1 “space”. You can also share the main contest image once a day for an extra “space”. On Sunday, September 7th, I will add everyone’s name to a spinner the number of times equal to their number of “spaces”. I will let the spinner choose the winner (and will record it as it spins and chooses!).

Now for the prize! The winner will win a one hour session with Ashley Rescott Photography, on location in Northern Virginia. It must be used no later than September 9, 2015 (one year from the date of the announced winner). You have 24 hours to claim your prize. If you do not, I will spin the spinner again so make sure to check the page!

**Update** I will be posting random “challenges” for you to earn extra spaces! They will be available for ONE day, so make sure to stop by the page and check for them!

Want to vote and help choose our winner? Click here!

Have fun and good luck!


I grew up around tons of pictures. On the walls, in shoe boxes, photo albums galore. I loved to sit with whoever would tolerate me and look through all these pictures. Some were from my Nana’s childhood; her and my great aunt in their Sunday best. When she graduated nursing school with her best friend who would later become her sister-in-law. Pictures from parties and get togethers before and after I was born. Some had me in them but a lot did not. I just loved to sit and hear the stories, the glossy paper in my hands, an amazing peek into the story I was listening to.

Pictures of my children resurfaced when I brought my husband home to meet my family. Me, age three, sitting in the spaghetti pot next to my kiddie pool (the water was warmer and I was a bit of a princess). My hula skirt & coconut shell bikini my uncle bought in Hawaii when I was six. Me as a toddler with an eyeliner mustache dressed up like a little frenchman. You know, those “embarrassing” photos that come out when you bring someone home. The ones we take of our own children on a daily basis.

Now, where are your pictures? Your computer and phone? A disc? Facebook? What about when technology advances? Fails? Remember floppy discs? There is no easy way to recover that information and it turns out they had expiration dates. Computers now aren’t coming with disc drives any more. Remember MySpace? It’s making a comeback, or at least trying, but it’s not the same. Phones are stolen and irreplaceable photos gone forever. Hard drives crash. Discs get scratched. What about when we move on from Facebook? Or if we don’t? When your son brings home a girl fifteen years from now, will you pull up your old Facebook timeline to show her how adorable he looked as Batman at age four? I doubt it. That would be a lot of scrolling, if it’s still there.

Print your photos. Often. Buy photo albums and fill them, talk about a great rainy day activity. Throw them in a shoe box. Hang them on your walls. When you lose electricity, go through your old photos and remember. There’s a story behind that photograph. Because that is what a photograph is: a memory. A moment, frozen in time. So you can hold these snapshots of your life and remember. Laugh. Share your stories with your loved ones.

Because Facebook might not still have your awesome photos twenty years from now when you want a giggle or a visual reminder of what your son looked like when he was sleeping in his crib.

Here are two photos that are in a photo album somewhere in my closet. The first one is our first Halloween. The second is the 4th of July about 6 years later. We were born a month apart and our moms were friends. Now we live in different states, have our own families. But we’ll always have these memories, and I always smile and remember our sleepovers.

My First Halloween 4th of July

We’ve Moved {Again}

My husband is a Marine. Which means I get to swoon over him when he wears his dress blues and drool over his rolled sleeves (it’s a Marine thing). This also means picking up my home and business to relocate at the whim of the Marine Corps.

I spent a total of 7 years in North Carolina, 7 months in Florida.  In January, we were told we would be moving to Quantico.

It has been an adventure, as always. The area itself is BEAUTIFUL! It’s so green and lush, with so many parks and gardens! The only downside is that I’m approximately 3 hours from the nearest beach…without traffic.

The area is so rich with history, both Revolutionary & Civil Wars, that I’m in heaven. Not to mention how close we are to DC.

Here I am, starting my business for the third time. All because I fell in love with a man who serves our country.

And I would do it all again. In a heartbeat.

Spring has Sprung Giveaway!



Spring has Sprung and we are relocating to Quantico! To celebrate, I am hosting a HUGE giveaway! With prizes ranging from gift certificates to products from a good variety of companies to a free session, there is something for everyone!

All companies are based in Quantico and surrounding areas. I’ve got smelly stuff, yummy stuff, clothes, jewelry, and more! There are over 20 prizes from over 20 great companies!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on each page on May 1, 2014 (so make sure to like them all!). You have until May 3rd at 7:00pm (approximately 48 hours) to make contact/accept your prize or another name will be chosen.

This giveaway is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by Facebook.

Ashley Rescott Photography is hosting the giveaway and is not held responsible for prizes; each business is responsible for their own prize and contacting/announcing winners!

I would like to thank everyone who entered! There were some AMAZING prizes given away 🙂

Photography and OPSEC

If you have any affiliation with the military, you may have heard about OPSEC, or Operational Security. This is usually the most relevant to friends and families of deployed service members, but it does stretch a bit more than people realize. 

If you look it up, you’ll discover it’s technically against OPSEC to post when service members get paid. While I think this is more than a little silly considering you can google this information, there are other parts to it that are a lot more important. Like not mentioning troop movement or location or posting some information on social media (i.e. Facebook!). Posting immediately after he left that he’s on his way to wherever (we all have a nickname for it whether it’s the land of sand, sandbox, etc) is telling troop movement. They now know when to look for troops coming into the area. Same with homecoming dates. I know you want to shout them to the rooftops and tell everyone your man (woman, child, friend, etc) is coming home. Don’t do it until he’s in your arms. Telling a few people over the phone is cool, but try to keep that number down…and make sure they understand OPSEC!

How does this relate to photography? A lot of photographers, like myself, specialize in military homecomings. This means you are expected to keep us as up to date with homecoming information as you can so we can take every step necessary (and a few unnecessary ones) to make sure we are there for your special moment. Make sure your photographer is versed in OPSEC. I’ve seen unit and dates posted in groups when looking for a back up photographer; I’ve seen people announcing on their public pages “only XX days until this family is reunited!” while sharing a photo from a previous session with that family. While this is normally great marketing, the consequences can be a bit more severe than a Facebook warning. Units have been delayed coming home as late as the runway because command heard about Facebook statuses saying when the service members were expected in. 

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting through OPSEC training about 6 or 7 times…not including the run down given at pre-deployment and return and reunion briefs.

The Doctor Seuss version is still my favorite! (Found online, author unknown).

I am Sam,
Sam I am.
Do you like OPSEC and ham?
I do not get it, Sam I am.
I do not get OPSEC and ham.
We must use it here and there, 
We must use it everywhere.
You CAN share it in a car,
But you CANNOT in a bar.
You CANNOT share it in a text.
You CANNOT share it at the NEX.
You CAN say it in your house.
But should NOT tell a random spouse.
You CAN say it in the shower.
But do NOT go sharing at happy hour.
DON’T make the Ombudsman sweat.
DON’T post it on the internet.
You CANNOT share it in a tweet.
That would not be very sweet.
Beware of Facebook and Myspace too.
It’s tempting to let your feelings through.
You Cannot tell it to a friend.
NOT even at the very end.
It is a privilege to know a date.
DON’T tell ANYONE or they may be late!
Oh, I get it, Sam I am.
Now I get OPSEC and ham!
I will not tell anyone.
I will keep hushed until they’re done!
I will not tell him or her.
I will not tell my dog with fur.
I will not tell my child’s teacher.
I will not tell any creature.
Thank you, THANK YOU, Sam I am.
Thank you for clearing up OPSEC and Ham!!!

Why you should be choosy when you choose your photographer!

I am very active on Facebook, particularly with “advertising” groups. A lot of the time, these posts will pop up in my newsfeed. I see a lot of the same “I’m looking for a reasonably priced photographer for _________” or “I want a great photographer, but don’t want to pay more than $50”.

I’m going to start with my own testimonial. About 3 years ago for our first anniversary, I was trying to come up with something to get for my husband. I stumbled across an ad for a boudoir photographer and thought “oh my goodness, this will be perfect!” My son was 8 weeks old at the time of my session. She came to my house, did my hair & make up and then we headed into my bedroom for the session. About a week later (she knew of my deadline) I received my pictures and my jaw dropped. They were amazing and worth every penny I spent on them. My husband was agog when he opened them, it was totally unexpected and I looked awesome. About 9 months later, I saw a different photographer offering a boudoir special if you let her use them. Thinking on my last experience, I jumped at the chance to do something special for my husband. She did not provide hair & make up, so I was left to my own devices. (If you know me, you KNOW this is not a good thing). I was disappointed in the shoot almost from the beginning; but I couldn’t put my finger on why. When I got my photos back, I cringed. They looked horrible! Honestly, I ended up throwing out the disc. Even my husband didn’t like them.

What’s the moral of this story? I spent a good amount of money to work with the first photographer and she was totally worth every penny. The second photographer was a lot cheaper so I “saved” money, but it was a total waste of my time and money.

Actual professionals pay taxes, have licenses, insurance, and spend a lot of money on gear, classes and other things throughout the year to make sure your photos look amazing. Being a photographer means being a lifetime student.

“Well, my friend has a nice camera and I’m just going to have her/him do them”. Go ahead. But don’t expect them to look the same as a professional’s images unless your friend happens to be a professional photographer. A camera is a tool. Over the years they have become a lot more use friendly with auto modes and some even have tutorials built into the camera. A camera is the device used to make an impression of a scene onto a sensor (or film). Just like a paintbrush, it’s the person using it using a combination of learned and natural skill that make art. And photos are art, whether it’s fine art or family portraits. Trust me, there is a lot more to a photo then pushing a button.

If you don’t know what to look for, there are tons of blogs dedicated to showing you what NOT to have done. There is one I’ve found that shows you what to look for in a portfolio and uses photos of dolls to explain. It’s called Take Off Your Mommy Goggles and I wholeheartedly recommend it when you’re searching for a photographer.

Please, take the time to look through a photographer’s portfolio and don’t just go with someone because of the number of likes on their photography page (you know you can BUY those?!) or because they’re cheap.