Mrs P | Jacksonville NC Maternity Boudoir Photography

One of the things I adore about boudoir is that you can do SO much with it, and play around with the different elements to do something totally silly and it’s still so gorgeous. When Mrs P found out she was expecting, she reached out to me with a simple “get the tacos ready!” and thus began the 6 month plan for this session. Our hair & makeup queen, Mercedes Quinn, was not only on hand for hair & makeup, she also made the run to Taco Bell to get the tacos, burritos, and a boat load of sauce packets. I’m not sure what was going through the cashier’s mind when she ordered all this, but I’m hoping she got a giggle. This session was filled with laughter, jokes, my dog randomly joining in to give kisses (it’s okay, Mrs P is more than a client, she’s a friend, too!), and TACOS.

baby belly with taco bell sauce packet pregnant woman lounging in bed eating a burrito pregnant woman holding out a sauce packet pregnant woman laughing while eating a taco pregnant lady in underwear eating taco pregnant lady in her underwear starting at a taco pregnant lady in bed with taco bell anonymous pregnant woman sitting on bed surrounded by taco bell food & sauce packets woman holding sauce packet on her baby belly pregnant woman with sauce packets from above pregnant gamer chick sitting in bed pregnant woman wrapped in black sequins looking at baby belly pregnant woman wrapped in black sequins pregnant woman in red lace dress lounging in bed pregnant woman in red lace dress lounging in bed anonymous image of pregnant woman lying in bed maternity boudoir of woman in red lace up front sweater & leg warmers lying in bed pregnant woman in grey shirt standing in front of gray wall pregnant woman in grey shirt standing in front of gray wall pregnant woman in star wars t shirt standing by wall pregnant woman sitting on edge of bed pregnant woman sitting at foot of bed holding belly Mom to be lying on bed with legs on the wall woman lying on bed in sheer robe with her legs up the wall image of pregnant lady in sheer robe standing pregnant woman standing near window Pregnant woman not wearing pants standing near window expectant mom sitting in bed holding baby belly expectant mom lying in bed pregnant woman sitting on edge of bed pregnant woman lying on bed surrounded by sauce packets pregnant woman sitting on bed surrounded by Taco Bell pregnant woman lying on floor, arching up pregnant woman arching on floor

Miss S II | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

I am so, so excited that Miss S came back to us! You may remember her as “Donut Girl” thanks to our foodie boudie thing we’ve got going on and her last session with us. Well, donut girl brought MORE donuts and we got to play around some more! We are so excited to be back in the studio and so grateful for a chance to show off what we can do. Hair and makeup were provided by the awesome Mercedes Quinn. Today’s featured donuts are from the delicious Dunkin’ Donuts. And yes, they were delicious!

We used the bedroom, sitting room, and red room sets for this session and pulled a couple of studio wardrobe outfits for Miss S including the black lace dress, black slit dress, and the red feathered robe. We took the time to really play around with our lighting, too, so this session features both natural and artificial lighting.

woman sitting in bed eating a donut woman lying in bed with donuts around her woman sitting in bed eating a donut woman lying in bed in red bodysuit woman lying seductively in bed in red bodysuit woman laying on bed with her legs up the wall woman kneeling on bed in t shirt woman in black t shirt lying on bed with a box of donuts Woman lying on bed with carefully placed donut box woman in bodysuit kneeling on bed looking in box of donuts woman in black lace dress lounging on blue victorian couch woman in black lace dress lounging on blue victorian couch woman in black lace dress lying on couch looking at donut woman in black lace dress eating donut on couch woman in lace dress lying upside down on couch woman in lace dress lying upside down on couch woman standing against red wall in a black dress woman in black dress leaning against red wall low key silhouette of woman in red robe boudoir photo of woman in bed drinking coffee & eating douhgnut

Ms P. | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

If you have been in my Facebook Group, you have an inkling of what we’ve gone through since Florence. The storm did some damage to the studio and a contractor removed almost 1/2 of the roof (including the professional tarping job I had done) and then found out he was on the wrong roof. As a result of these two things, the whole place was gutted and only reopened a few weeks ago, just in time for our boudoir marathon!

Ms P. was the start to our day so our very first session back in the new studio and she ROCKED her session! She was so full of energy and laughter that we just had way too much fun. We started, like we always do, with hair & make up by the ever amazing Mercedes Quinn. She went with this gorgeous soft glam look that really accentuates her eyes and amazing smile. Then out came the curling tools and I am in LOVE with these curls!

Ms P brought some awesome wardrobe choices and I was hard pressed to pick only a few for the hour we had. She brought a really pretty sparkly pink slip dress, a super cute top & panties, a black bra & panty set, and we even ended up doing a few shots in her jeans. That’s one of my favorite things about boudoir, it doesn’t have to always be full on lingerie, we can really show off what YOU feel sexy in.

Since it was our first shoot in here, we tried a little bit of all the shooting spaces currently available. The bedroom set has the most amazing natural light that really did look amazing despite the clouds outside. The sheepskin rug made its debut in this studio space. Of course, we had to get several images on my blue victorian couch as well as the red & black walls in the red room. I really love that I have such unique shooting spaces available for boudoir sessions, it gives us so many options to really play around with a variety of them, and lighting, for your session.

Thinking about a session with us? We’re always booking so please reach out with any questions!

woman smiling while lying in bed boudoir image of woman standing next to wall black and white silhouette of woman standing next to wall holding her hell black and white boudoir image of woman leaning against black wall boudoir image of woman leaning against black wall brunette woman in black bra & panties flipping her hair against a red wall boudoir image of woman standing against wall black and white boudoir image of woman standing in front of grey wall boudoir image of woman in sparkle dress leaning against red wall boudoir image of woman in sparkle dress leaning against red wall boudoir image of woman lying upside down on victorian couch black and white boudoir image of woman lying upside down on victorian couch boudoir image of woman reclining on couch boudoir image of woman reclining on couch boudoir image of woman lying on sheepskin rug boudoir image of woman lying on sheepskin rug woman kneeling on bed woman lying on bed sans pants woman lying on bed in shirt & panties woman reclining on bed in shirt & underwear

What’s This Boudoir Thing About? | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir is a French word meaning “woman’s bedroom or sitting room” and that is the starting inspiration for boudoir photography today.  Typically given as a gift, or to celebrate a milestone, these images are classy & tasteful images of women in various states of undress. There are people who will classify these images as the “P” word* but there is a definitive line between the two. Boudoir is about the tease and implication of nudity & pleasurable acts whereas the other are those acts fully on display. There is nothing wrong with that; it’s just not what we do.

Boudoir photographers come to their own definition, classification and intention of boudoir. I have seen definitions that range from simply “women in lingerie” to “sexy women portraits”. Some will only see images as boudoir if they are in a bedroom, while others agree that boudoir can be anywhere. There are some photographers who use having a camera to get women naked (unfortunate but true, but very fortunately not at all common!). Some who want to take super sexy images for the sake of taking super sexy images. Then there those of us who do it to remind a women how gorgeous, beautiful, and sexy she is and empower her. When you’re choosing a boudoir photographer, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer their viewpoint on boudoir and what it means to them. Also be sure to really look through their images and love what you see. Boudoir can be absolutely amazing if the person behind the camera knows what they’re doing but it can turn really bad really fast. Learn from my mistake.

Boudoir is traditionally given as a gift, often from brides on their wedding day, as a modern twist on the first anniversary tradition of “paper”, Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, promotion, deployment, you name it, it works as a gift. However, more women are realizing they don’t have to have these sessions done for anyone but themselves which has been an amazingly empowering thing to see happen. They get to do what THEY want during these sessions and trust that IF they give them to someone, they’ll appreciate them even more because she’s being totally herself and really it’s that confidence that’s sexy. And no, you don’t NEED confidence to have a boudoir session. Boudoir itself can be an extremely empowering & confidence boosting experience with the right photographer.

My boudoir goal is to empower women to be shamelessly themselves. We include hair & make up in our full packages because not only is photo session makeup different from how you normally wear it, it’s fun to have someone else take the time to glam you up and play with your hair. (It also gives us time to chat so you’re more comfortable when you’re walking around my studio in your underwear!) Whatever your version of sexy is, that’s what we do! You want to be full on glam and lingerie? Absolutely! Want to be a bit more natural and wearing knee socks and a sweater? DO IT. Want to incorporate pizza? Or cookies? Or doughnuts? Hell yeah! Just remember that sharing is caring. We have a bedroom set, a sitting room set (my couch is gorgeous!), AND the red room, which has one red wall and one pure black wall and we can do some really fun things in there.

But what do I wear?! Ask your photographer! I provide my clients with a lingerie guide prior to their session with all kinds of suggestions, some aren’t even lingerie! I also have an amazing client wardrobe you can wear pieces from, just bring your own undies to wear underneath (and everything gets washed once worn!). Should I bring ________? Yes. I’ll tell you if something will work for photos or not. Bring all the options because you might be surprised at what we pick.

You’re on the fence about having a boudoir session when you realize, what do I DO with these images?! Well, that totally depends on what you want to do with them. You can get them in a black leather bound book and look at them whenever you feel an urge. You can hang a canvas in your bedroom, or walk in closet (I’ve had many clients do this). You can get custom playing cards and pull them out to play card games with your significant other or even your close friends! Put them on a wall calendar so there’s a practical aspect. Have them on an image cube that can be discreetly put in a drawer when your brother in law visits. Like pretty much everything else with boudoir, it’s all about what YOU want.

*You know what it is, I don’t want Google to pop this article up for people looking for it, they’ll be disappointed 😉

Valentine’s Specials | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

The studio is (finally!!) almost done after Florence and we are celebrating with a full force relaunch!

To kick it all off, we have TWO days of boudoir marathon! How does a marathon work? The first boudie comes in, goes into the hair & make up chair for light make up & hair styling. Around the time she’s finished and ready to start her session, the second boudie arrives and heads to the hair & make up chair. We have the studio set up so everyone still maintains her privacy (of course!). This goes on from start to finish and allows us to offer the sessions at a discounted rate. We have two dates available, Friday the 17th and Sunday the 19th. This allows enough time for the images to be edited and any products designed and ordered in time for February 14th! In addition to the hair & make up services & session, the marathon packages also include a $50 product credit you can put toward any of the products I offer including playing cards, wall calendars, little black books, and more!

Then we’ll have four days of MINIS! Mini sessions I don’t offer often so these will be a great deal! You’ll come in ready for your session as there is no hair & make up included in these. We’ll shoot for 30 minutes and you’ll also receive a $25 product credit. These will be available January 21-25.

There will be more fun planned as well so definitely keep an eye on the blog, Facebook page, and group!

2019 Birthday Ball Specials | Camp Lejeune Couples Photography

Leaves are falling, the air is (finally!) feeling crisp, and it’s the time for gorgeous gowns, stylish suits, and dress blues! If you’re wanting to do something more than just your standard “pose here and smile, done!” I’d love to be your photographer. My mini sessions give you a little more time to have some fun with your images before the ball with quite a few different location options.

Package 1 includes a one hour session, gallery app, $125 print credit for $300. These are available for cities within 40 miles of Jacksonville without an additional travel fee.

Package 2 includes a half hour session, gallery app, $50 print credit for $150. These are available for Jacksonville and Swansboro locations, within 40 miles of Jacksonville when booking with a friend.

Package 3 includes a super mini session of 15 minutes, gallery app, $20 print credit for $75. These must be booked with a friend for the same location & time. These will be in Jacksonville or Swansboro only.


Some images from past years’ ball sessions to give you an idea of what we can do!


Katie & Christian | Camp Lejeune Couples Photographer

Katie reached out to book her session right before she came down to visit her boyfriend for the weekend. I am so glad we were able to coordinate our schedules because they were such a joy to work with. We started the session in the field (keeping a wary eye for prickle pear cacti!) and the sunset was perfectly placed for them! After a quick outfit change, we headed to the beach and got in the sand. After being told they trusted me, I was able to get some gorgeous images of them in the water that left them soaked, but with grins and really, really wet clothes. I think this is one of the few, if not the only, where we got images with the sun AND then with the moon! Thank you both for the great night!

James Mom & Me | Camp Lejeune Family Photographer

The beach is my happy place, and creating memories and photos there is a great day for me. I was excited when Crystal inquired about a session at the beach for her and her children. Like all kids at the beach, they immediately started running for the water. With a promise that we could do that later, all 4 kids did a great job posing for their session. I love being able to  get not only great posed group images, but also fun ones like the one with all of them dabbing! As promised, we ended the session with the kids (and mom!) playing in the water!

Huenefeld & Strube Mermaids | Atlantic Beach Children Photographer

I have loved mermaids as long as I can remember, and having the opportunity to turn children into them is amazing. For me, it’s literally helping others dreams come true and it’s an amazing feeling. When Michelle messaged me to set up this session, I knew we were going to have a lot of fun and we did! We started with photos of all the Huenefeld and Strube kiddos before turning the girls into mermaids! Our session was filled with jokes, giggles, and a touch of magic!

MacRoberts Family | Jacksonville NC Family Photography

If you’ve been following me a while, you know I recently held a four seasons of minis giveaway and chose two winners. One of my winners had her session last week, and the next evening I had the chance to work with my second winner! Serena and I actually went to college together so I was very excited when chose her as my second winner. I finally got a chance to meet her husband and her delightful daughters for their session at my favorite park in Jacksonville.

As always with this park, we started on the wooden bridge and then moved up to the hilltop. We made sure to not only get the group photos but also photos of Serena and Tim by themselves! Of course we also made sure to get some super adorable shots of Bella and Leia. I think my newest favorite thing to have families do is have a tickle fight during the session! It definitely makes the kids’ night and the parents seem to enjoy it, too!