Huenefeld & Strube Mermaids | Atlantic Beach Children Photographer

I have loved mermaids as long as I can remember, and having the opportunity to turn children into them is amazing. For me, it’s literally helping others dreams come true and it’s an amazing feeling. When Michelle messaged me to set up this session, I knew we were going to have a lot of fun and we did! We started with photos of all the Huenefeld and Strube kiddos before turning the girls into mermaids! Our session was filled with jokes, giggles, and a touch of magic!

MacRoberts Family | Jacksonville NC Family Photography

If you’ve been following me a while, you know I recently held a four seasons of minis giveaway and chose two winners. One of my winners had her session last week, and the next evening I had the chance to work with my second winner! Serena and I actually went to college together so I was very excited when chose her as my second winner. I finally got a chance to meet her husband and her delightful daughters for their session at my favorite park in Jacksonville.

As always with this park, we started on the wooden bridge and then moved up to the hilltop. We made sure to not only get the group photos but also photos of Serena and Tim by themselves! Of course we also made sure to get some super adorable shots of Bella and Leia. I think my newest favorite thing to have families do is have a tickle fight during the session! It definitely makes the kids’ night and the parents seem to enjoy it, too!

Lewis Family | Camp Lejeune Photographer

Back in June, I gave away four seasons of mini sessions and one of my winners was Kelsey. For summer, she chose a family session on the beach. The light was beautiful when we arrived so we went down to the water and got started. Even though we have a shorter session to work with, we were easily able to make sure Kelsey’s family got a variety of images. Colt was an absolute sweetheart and gave me some beautiful images! We intended to end the session with Kelsey and Codie in the water, but as we were leaving, the sun was peeking out from under a cloud and the light was too gorgeous not to stop and take a photo! I’m looking forward to this family’s autumn session!

Miss S | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

You know how you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them forever? It was like that when Miss S arrived at the studio for her session. She just fit right in the craziness that can be Mercedes and I during sessions. As she sat down to start the glamming process, she lets me know that she didn’t have time to stop for one of her props. So, naturally, I ran out and got it for her because it needed to happen!

She brought some amazing outfits for her session, including a “cold shoulder” body suit, a long sleeve lace body suit that brought some serious drama, a fabulous silk bathrobe, and dipped into the client wardrobe for the halter body suit and, a client favorite, my red robe!

We started in the bedroom set, using the natural light that comes through the windows. Then, breaking from the normal order, we moved to the couch so Mercedes could give us a hand with lighting. Back to the bedroom then onto the floor for some fun shots! Without further ado, the images from the gorgeous Miss S!

Hair & make up by Mercedes Quinn!

Ambassador Search 2019 | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

I am SO excited to have my own shooting space again so we are launching the Ambassador Program!

What is an boudie ambassador? Someone who receives sessions in exchange for helping spread the word about me & my business! The main point behind becoming a boudoir photographer was, and still is, to remind women that they are beautiful and sexy in their own ways. Spreading that message is at the core of this program as it gives us a real chance to show several different ways by having a session on location, another in studio, and theming one based on a holiday or something else (so far we’ve done Star Wars, Harry Potter, and a few more).

What YOU get:

  • 3 boudoir sessions, one on location, one in studio, one themed
  • 1 portrait session, on location
  • Earn credits toward additional sessions & goodies through referrals

What is required:

  • At least 18
  • Fun loving & at least a little adventurous
  • Sign a full model release & contract
  • Local to the Jacksonville, NC area
  • Photographer exclusivity while in the program

What is a bonus:

  • Come to vendor events and speak to potential clients about your own experience in front of my camera
  • Posting your photos on social media
  • Liking food enough to be a foodie boudie 😉

Don’t have modeling experience? That’s TOTALLY fine! I will be helping you pick out outfits and posing you head to toe.
Have some areas that you see as “flawed”? EVERYONE does! My boudies & models alike have come to me with areas they’d like to minimize and that’s totally something we can do with wardrobe & posing.
Can’t sign a model release due to your job or significant other? This may not be the program for you but I’d still love a chance to work with you, keeping your images private 😉

Apply here!

  • woman sitting on bed woman standing against wall woman laying on bed woman in ocean at beach woman laying on fallen tree on beach


Four Seasons of Minis Giveaway | Jacksonville NC Portrait Photography

Last summer, I had a giveaway for four seasons of mini sessions. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with Joy and her family, and Macey and her boyfriend for their mini sessions. Last night was the last of these sessions and I realized how much I’ve come to look forward to them so I’m doing it again!

Giveaway will be done through my Facebook Page.

The Prize
4 Mini Sessions, to be used one per season between June 2019 and May 2020.
Each mini session is 30 minutes.
Social media files of all edited images from your sessions
Gallery App

Must be at least 18 years old and live in, or be willing to travel to, the Jacksonville NC area for your sessions
Must not have received a free photography session in the past 6 months.
Complete the minimum required steps: Like my page, like & comment on the post.

Winner announced Saturday, June 15th at 9:00pm.

Some of the photos from last year’s winners!

Miss A at the Palace | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

This is a session that I have had on my photography bucket list for a long time and I’m ecstatic it finally all came together the way I wanted! We started hair & make up at noon, which seems early until you consider the ever amazing Mercedes was doing an 18th century hair style on our model in addition to make up. At 3:30, we headed out to Tryon Palace in New Bern. The home of the last Royal Governor, the Palace has gorgeous gardens you may recognize from Mercedes’ maternity session back in August. We were given a large room to get ready for the session, which we used to get Miss A in her first outfit including a skin tone body suit for easy outfit changes later. Then, we walked across the street and started with photos in the Stable Office. After, we headed into the gardens and spent most of the rest of the session *at* the Palace there, with a final stop in front of the Palace itself.

After our time at the Palace ended, we decided to continue shooting as the light was optimal and took to the streets of New Bern with Miss A in a sheer robe with the body suit underneath (although you couldn’t see it from a distance!). We didn’t venture far, but we’re all so happy we took the time to do this as they are some pretty gorgeous shots!

Photographer: Ashley Rescott
Hair & Makeup: Mercedes Quinn
Lighting Assistant: Candice

As you look through the photos, can you spot what caused me to not only work and volunteer at the Palace but also meet Mercedes in the first place?!

Boudoir by Ashley Rescott Photography


Mr & Mrs M Plus One More | Swansboro Maternity Boudoir Photography

You may remember the steamy couples beach boudoir session I posted back in August. The beginning of March, I was so excited to work with them again, this time in my temporary studio set up in my home! This may come as a huge surprise considering just how steamy their last session was, but they are now expecting a precious bundle of joy and wanted to celebrate with another boudoir session! This time, Mrs M got the full hair & make up experience, courtesy of Mercedes. Sam was on hand to help with lighting, removing rose thorns, and throwing petals as needed!

The studio was definitely filled with laughter as we played with not only tacos, strawberries, and roses, but also my angel wings and general ridiculousness.

Full credit to Mr M, he is always up for some fun, as you’ll see in some of the photos below! Warning: some images may be NSFW

Family Summer Vacation Photos | OBX Photographer

Summer is coming and that means time for fun trips with your family and friends! I am very fortunate to live near Emerald Isle and Topsail Island in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. When coming to town for your family vacation, there are a few things I highly recommend. Take a day to drive to New Bern, North Carolina’s capital at the time of the Revolution! In addition to the amazing historical interpreters at the Governor’s Palace, it’s also the birthplace of Pepsi, the location of many of Nicholas Spark’s novels, and has so many delicious restaurants you could easily make the day one to remember. In Wilmington, take a stroll through Airlie Gardens, a stunningly gorgeous place filled with flowers, sculptures, art pieces, and more. Raining? Head to Jacksonville and check out Altitude, an indoor trampoline park!

In addition to the many, many more amazingly fun options for your vacation, take the time to have your photos done. The beach is my favorite location for a photo session, and what better way to remember your vacation than having photos of everyone who came with you?!

When it comes to planning a summer beach vacation photo session, it can be a bit tricky. The weather here is a tad unpredictable at times so I plan for your session to be in the first few days of your trip so we have time to reschedule if the skies decide to open and there is never a penalty for having to reschedule because of weather. Sessions are done in the hour immediately following sunrise, or immediately before sunset, also known as “golden hour”, this is the best time of day for natural lighting on the beach. Plus, our sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking!

When it comes time to plan outfits, fight the urge to all wear one color (especially black or white!) and go for something with a bit of variety. Not only will this add some visual interest to your photos, it stops everyone from blending into each other. Navy blue, turquoise, coral pink, even a pop of rich red will photograph beautifully and allow everyone to show their own style and flair. On the bright side, because we’d be on the beach, there’s no need to coordinate shoes unless you really, really want to.

Whether you’re travelling with the whole extended family, just you & your spouse, or maybe want to make your daughter’s vacation a bit magical, we would love the opportunity to create some memories with you!

Young couple on beach at sunset mermaid on beach with stormy skies Big family on beach mermaid at the beach Couple portrait on the beach at sunrise

Family photos by Ashley Rescott Photography

Family photos by Ashley Rescott Photography

Family photos by Ashley Rescott Photography

Family photos by Ashley Rescott Photography

Macey & Ben | Camp Lejeune Couples Photography

I can’t believe I haven’t done a blog post on this super sweet couple! Macey was one of the winners of the 4 Seasons of Minis Giveaway I did back in August. She’s currently dating Ben, who is stationed here so we plan her sessions when she’s coming to town to visit him.

For her summer session, she really wanted to have her session on the beach so off to Onslow Beach we went! This was my last session there before Florence (which is probably why it slipped my mind to do their blog post!). Her dress was perfect for catching the breeze off the ocean and we had a blast!

For her Fall session, we also headed on base, this time to Hospital Point. It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to shoot there so I was excited to check out the new location. I had my amazing assistant Sam with me for this shoot and I’m so glad because I couldn’t have gotten some of these images with her. The weather, as it always is in North Carolina, was a bit iffy, raining on and off while we waited for Ben to arrive. Fortunately, the clouds cleared as he got to the location and we were gifted with an amazing sunset!

Young couple on beach at sunset Young couple on beach at sunset Young couple on beach at sunset Young couple on beach at sunset Young couple on beach at sunset couple on beach smooching silhouette of couple at sunset near water couple kissing at sunset near water silhouette of couple at sunset near water silhouette of couple at sunset near water couple kissing at sunset near water couple leaning on tree at sunset next to water couple kissing & leaning on tree at sunset next to water silhouette of couple at sunset near water