Andrews Family | Emerald Isle Beach Vacation Photography

The Andrews family has been coming to beautiful Emerald Isle on vacation for eleven years! This year, they hired me to capture their family in photos and I’m so grateful they did. They were a lot of fun to work with, lots of laughing and joking along the way, and then they even broke out the props!

couple at beach laughing couple at beach kissing couple at beach couple at beach large family having fun at beach Big family on beach Big family on beach family on beach couple at beach couple at beach family at beach couple at beach ladies at beach big family at beach

Peterson Family | Camp Lejeune Family Photography

Samantha reached out wanting to get photos of her family and I’m so glad she did because we had so much fun! We decided on the beach for their photos because it’s beautiful but it’s also an easy place to allow kids some fun. We met at Onslow Beach on Camp Lejeune and jumped right into family photos. We started with the whole family but made sure to get all kinds of variations of their shots. After the group photos, we turned Ally into a mermaid! This is something I do offer as an add on to all sessions and I’m so glad Samantha took advantage of it because the photos came out so perfectly! After that, it was the boys turn to be turned into Star Wars characters (and Ally became a pirate!). It was definitely a fun session and I look forward to working with them again!

Little girl pirate on beach family in water at beach family in front of sand dunes family in front of sand dunes on beach family in front of sand dunes on beach children in front of sand dunes on beach family in front of sand dunes on beach couple in front of sand dunes on beach family in water on beach mom and daughter in water on beach Dad and mermaid daughter in water at beach mermaid at the beach mermaid at the beach mermaid at the beach little boy playing pat a cake with mermaid on beach little boys star wars light saber battle on beach

Name Your Own Price Sessions | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

My boudoir special this month is a bit different from offers I’ve had in the past. I’m giving the control to YOU! You tell me your budget and I tell you what you can get for that OR you tell me exactly what you want (hair & make up, length of session, if you want a book, wall calendar, playing cards, prints included) and I tell you the price.

Now for the conditions. Minimum price is $125. Must be booked by July 13th. Can be in studio or on location. This is limited to the first 10 boudies who pay their invoices.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask!

Why Hire a Homecoming Photographer | Camp Lejeune Homecoming Photography

There are many, many, many reasons to hire a professional homecoming photographer. The biggest regret I have from our first homecoming was that I didn’t hire someone. I quite honestly didn’t even think of it. I have cell phone pics of me, 42 weeks pregnant, in labor, about 5 minutes *after* we actually reunited. I would love to have photos that were clear, crisp and gorgeous.

There is no other feeling quite like it in the world, who wouldn’t want to remember it? You’ve spent the past seven months to a year missing your service member, this is the moment when you are finally back in their arms. The anticipation, relief, and joy are off the charts! Honestly, I’m grateful for the images I do have because everything was such a blur I feel like I forgot a lot of details and the photos reminded me of them.

“I’ll just have my friends do it” I’ve heard this a lot. If your friend is a photographer, that’s cool. The benefit of hiring a professional who knows their equipment, has more than a pop up flash for that 2 am homecoming, or can counteract the harsh, harsh mid day shadows makes a huge difference. Plus, as someone pointed out to me, you’ll feel obligated to hang around your friends after when all you most likely wanna do is drag your s/o by the hand and get home.

A photographer will be there for YOU. To get the images you are dying to see. I am perfectly happy shooting your homecoming at whatever time of day they come home. Dinnertime? Sounds good. Two am? Perfect! My goal is to capture the images you will treasure for a lifetime.

When should you book your photographer? Typically the answer is as soon as possible. I have booked homecomings before they’ve even actually deployed because she wanted to make sure she booked me before anyone else had the chance. This was for a MEU, which is a huge deployment that many photographers book for very far in advance since it’s a tad crazy when they get back. Booking earlier also ensures you get the photographer you want before someone else does. Many photographers, myself included, will book one client per deployment/unit to nullify the risk of conflicting homecomings. Once dates are firmly set, I will book more clients whose reunions don’t conflict with yours and I keep a running wait list for many large deployments.

wife walking toward her marine marine hugging wife

Mrs M | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

If you’ve come into the Studio House for a session, or met us at a local event, you recognize Mrs M! I FINALLY got her in front of the camera for her own session back in January (I know, I know! it takes me forever to get stuff up on here!) and I am in LOVE with them!
She opted for the full experience and had her hair & make up by by Rachel Davis Artistry before coming into the studio and Rachel did an amazing job glamming up Mrs M!

We started in the bedroom set, moved onto the red room and finished in the sitting room. This gave Mrs M some fun variety to her images and we had a LOT of fun!

Outfit choices ranged from bra & panty sets (these ones from Adore Me are fabulous!), shirt & undies set, a body suit and to even a romper!

Our photo session was filled with laughter and ridiculousness, because that’s pretty much how we do things here.


Miss G’s Studio fun | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

Mercedes & I had a lot of fun with Miss G when she showed up for the studio super last minute for a model call. A friend of “pizza girl”, she’s been awnting to shoot with us and jumped at the opportunity and I’m so glad she did! While she was in hair & make up, I had an idea for a shot I wanted to get and it was then that I discovered my husband had raided the studio snacks. After a phone call, some replacements appeared as if by magic and we were able to get the images I wanted.

We started in the natural light bedroom set, then spent some time in the sitting room and red room sets. I’m LOVING the new studio and especially having boudies come in who trust my crazy ideas.

Hair & make up by the awesomesauce Mercedes Quinn!


Molly & Phil | Jacksonville NC Couples Photography

Molly & Phil won second place in the cutest couples contest held on my Facebook page and the day of their session was beautifully sunny, but surprisingly cold! Phil was a true gentleman and Molly spent between poses wearing his jacket (isn’t that so sweet?!). We met at Sturgeon City Park in Jacksonville for a sunset session. I adore this location for sunset sessions because the light is simply beautiful. There are also a quite a few options when it comes to areas to pose in and we had time to play with a few.

Taylor & Timmy | Jacksonville NC Couples Portrait Photographer

A few months ago, I held a cutest couples contest on my Facebook page for a bit of fun. Taylor and Timmy won the grand prize, which was a couples session with me. We met at Emerald Isle Woods Park in Emerald Isle on a rather chilly January afternoon and it was so worth it! We had the park to ourselves and we had a lot of fun going through the park and taking pictures in different areas.


Will You Be My Boudie Ambassador? | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photographer

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I selected Dana and Nina to be my ambassadors! I’ve had such an amazing time with them, from sessions on location to shoots in two different studios with them! I will be doing one more session with each of them before their year is up (be sure to watch the page & the blog for those images!) but it’s time to start looking for my new ambassador! Ambassadorships last a year where you become the “face” of my boudoir business. Free sessions and some other perks along the way!

-Must be at least 18 years old
-Must live in (or be willing to travel regularly to) Jacksonville, NC area
-Must be willing to sign a full model release and have images featured on my social media, product samples, and more!
-Agree to photographer exclusivity.

Think you’d LOVE to do it? Apply here!