Boudoir Marathon November 2020 | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

The holidays are coming and boudoir makes such a GREAT gift! In addition to our normal packages, we are holding a boudoir marathon on November 8th! Marathons are a great deal of a session that is only offered a couple times during the year with very limited availability. This marathon special includes professional hair styling and light makeup by Mercedes Quinn, a one hour session in the studio (your choice of 2 sets), 3 outfits, playing cards with your image on the back, and a gallery app. The session fee for these session is $300 and there’s a $100 retainer due to grab your spot (and we’re limited to 5 spots because of light!) with the balance of your session fee due on November 6th. You’ll also have access to our amazing client closet for your session and your presession guide includes a lingerie guide that features lingerie and non lingerie outfit options.

Here are some images from past sessions at the studio to give you an idea of what you can get during your marathon session!

Witchy Sessions | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

Tis Spooky Season, my favorite time of year! This year I wanted to celebrate the season with a boudoir special and I’m going with a witchy theme. Featuring tarot cards and spell books, the set is exclusively available for these sessions. Now booking for October 13-17, choose from two packages!

woman sitting on floor with tarot cards woman lounging on floor with tarot cards tarot cards and spell books woman kneeling at tarot spread woman lying on couch reading a spell book woman lying on tarot cards woman in witch hat kneeling at tarot cards woman sitting on floor with tarot cards woman reaching for tarot cards woman with poison bottle woman lying on tarot cards

Mrs C’s Hogwarts Inspired | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

We were at the studio when I received a message from Mrs. C asking if I had Harry Potter glasses by chance and I instantly knew this session was going to be a new level of fun. Being the massive “Potterhead” that I am, I immediately reached out to my husband who was kind enough to bring me some things from my house including a vial of Felix Felicis, a Time Turner, a Triwizard Cup, and a few other things. Mrs C brought her wand, a super cute wand, and trusted me to let my artistic flare shine. As this was a session I’ve had on my photography bucket list, I was over the moon!

We started in hair & makeup, provided by Mercedes Quinn, who is also a huge Potter fan. When it came to the session, we started in the bedroom set and ended with the sitting room set. We played around with lighting and had a lot of fun during the session.

woman lying on bed with hogwarts bedding woman lying on bed woman lounging in bed woman reclining on bed woman leaning on trunk woman lying on bed from above black and white image of woman lying in bed Time turner woman holding felix felicis woman lying in bed in sweater and knee socks woman lying in bed in sweater and knee socks, looking at you Mug, wand & glasses on nightstand woman lying in bed with legs on wall woman lying in bed with glasses in mouth woman lying in bed with wand woman lounging on couch woman with wand on couch woman lounging on couch smelling a rose woman arching with wand in front of couch

Sarah & Collin | Camp Lejeune Couples Photography

Back in June, I held a giveaway over on my Facebook page and Sarah was the winner! She chose Onslow Beach for her location and I was so excited because I love any excuse to go to the beach, plus the lighting in this field is simply gorgeous so it’s a two in one location. We started over in the field, watching for dune prickle pear cactus (which I may or may not have stepped into, despite my many warnings to them), and then we went over to the beach itself. Litalee was with me so while most of these are natural light, some are using on location lighting, too.

couple laughing in field at sunset couple kissing in field at sunset couple laughing in field couple kissing couple standing in field couple kissing with the sun coming through couple standing on beach at sunset couple on beach at sunset kissing wife's head on beach couple on beach at sunset couple looking at each other on beach couple dancing on the beach couple walking on beach couple dancing on beach with sunset behind them couple kissing on beach couple standing in waves at beach after sunset couple looking at each other with sunset behind them silhouette of couple kissing

Ms P at the Palace Gardens | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

Tryon Palace is definitely one of my favorite non studio locations. Aside from being an amazing historical landmark that you can tour (once Covid restrictions are lifted so grateful they’ve reopened the gardens and grounds!), they have amazingly beautiful gardens and grounds! Every time we have a session there, I take 10 minutes to walk around and see what’s different, the same, how light is hitting today, etc and you can see that the gardening staff has been very hard at work and it’s STUNNING.

Also stunning is our amazing Ms P. You may recognize her from this session or perhaps this one, and it was great working with her again for this session. We met at the Palace with several of our client closet pieces, featuring our glitter dress & tan dress from Leah Maria Couture, sparkly black bodysuit, and the red robe. We primarily photographed Ms P in the pleached allee, Latham garden, and in front of the Palace itself. We used both natural light, and OCF assisted by the ever awesome Litalee, to really capture Ms P.

woman in pleached allee woman standing in pleached allee woman standing with her hands on he hips woman standing in front of gate in dress woman standing in garden woman playing with dress in sunlight in garden woman standing in the garden maze woman leaning against pillar woman standing and leaning against pillar woman in red robe in garden maze woman in red robe in a garden maze woman in red robe leaning against garden gate woman wearing red robe in garden gateway woman sitting on bench in robe black and white portrait of woman on wall boudoir portrait of woman arching on wall with rose black and white portrait of a woman woman smelling rose in allee woman standing against fence in front of palace woman playing with hair in front of palace woman in dress in front of palace

Ms F | Topsail Island Sunrise Beach Boudoir

Another great session that involved getting up before the sun and driving over to Topsail Island and it was so amazingly worth it. I met with Ms F at the beach and we started under the pier. I love that we went to the pier as it gave us some more options to add variety to her images, plus it was so early we didn’t have to worry about other people on the beach during her session.

silhouette of woman walking toward water woman in dress under pier woman leaning against pier and reflected in water woman leaning against pier support silhouette of woman standing on beach silhouette of woman sitting on beach reflected in water woman sitting on beach with reflection woman kneeling in water on beach woman in bikini leaning against pillar woman in bikini leaning against pillar woman leaning against pillar on beach woman lying in sand on beach woman lying on sand on beach woman reclining in water, reflection woman lying on beach at sunrise

Brittaney & Michael | Jacksonville NC Couples Photography

North Carolina weather can be a bit crazy and unpredictable. There are days it pours and pours but right before sunset the clouds clear and it’s the most stunning sunset. Other days the rain comes from nowhere and sticks around. When it started raining the day of Brittaney and Michael’s session, we decided to try and wait it out and it was clear out near me and near them so we decided to go ahead and keep the session. What we didn’t know, being in Hubert and Richlands, was that Jacksonville was getting Mother Nature’s fury unleashed. Since we were already there, and I have a “rain jacket” for my camera, we decided to go ahead and get a couple of quick images and reschedule for another day for the rest of their session.

The second time we met up, the weather couldn’t have been more different! The sun was shining and absolutely gorgeous light was coming through. This park is probably my favorite location in Jacksonville for a session, it’s definitely all over my portfolio, and I’m glad we got to play in both the rain and the sun with Brittaney and Michael!

Hair and makeup services provided by Makeup by Madie.

couple sitting in truck bed couple kissing in the rain couple dancing in the rain couple laughing in the rain couple in the rain couple standing at truck couple looking at each other in front of truck couple kissing in front of pickup truck woman sitting on truck and hugging husband Wife kissing husband in his truck couple looking at each other on bridge couple kissing on wooden walkway woman leaning against handrail, pulling her husband in for a kiss woman laughing with her husband couple standing on wooden walkway man holding wife while kissing in road couple holding hands while walking through a field couple looking at each other while walking through a field couple playing during their photo session couple dancing in a field woman riding her husband's back in a field couple kissing in field at sunset couple kissing at sunset couple sitting in grassy field at sunset

Grice | Camp Lejeune Homecoming

Covid-19 has definitely changed how things work around here. This was my first session shooting in a mask since the closures due to Covid started. This is actually the second time I was able to capture Jessica reuniting with Cherokee, the first time being just about two and a half years ago, also on Camp Lejeune. I waited with Jessica and her super sweet puppy, Cooper, while we waited for her husband to be released. I’ve said many times that homecomings are unpredictable but add in a pandemic and it gets even crazier! In this case, homecoming dates were pushed back, then back again to accomodate a mandatory 2 week quarantine for all the Marines and Sailors. I know it made the wait longer, but that just makes that first hug all the sweeter. You’ll notice a lack of crowds; we waited in a parking lot, more than properly socially distanced from everyone else, and she was able to greet her husband as he was released to her. Cooper was VERY excited meet his Daddy! Welcome home, Lcpl Grice!

family photo with dog puppy sitting in car Marine walking to his wife wife running to marine Marine hugging his wife marine kissing his wife marine hugging his wife with backpack marine meets his puppy after returning from deployment puppy looking up at marine just home from deployment marine petting puppy at homecoming puppy kissing Marine at homecoming marine and his wife together again marine, battle buddy, wife pose with puppy

Ms P | Emerald Isle Beach Boudoir

You may recognize Ms P from her last session with me and I was very happy to be working with her again! We met at the beach for this session and got to work! Litalee was on hand to help with lighting so this session is a mix of naturally lit images and quite a few using on location lighting options. For her first outfit, we started with the shorts she wore and a black button up shirt. I like starting with something more modest and working up to more revealing, especially when we’re having the session in a pretty public location. After that, she switched into her red bikini followed by a super cute pink & navy bikini. For posing we started the session with her standing and staying relatively dry and by the end of it she was doing hair flips in the water! For more images, check out her album on my Facebook page!

sexy girl standing on beach woman kneeling on beach Woman taking off shirt on beach woman sitting on beach woman lying on nc beach woman lying on the beach getting hit by waves woman from behind getting hit by wave woman in bikini standing in water at beach 3/4 portrait of woman in bikini on beach pulled back 3/4 portrait of woman on beach woman lying on beach in bikini woman lying on beach in nc woman kneeling in water getting hit by waves woman from behind in water woman lying in front of water on beach girl in bikini flipping her hair on beach

Mrs G | Topsail Beach Boudoir Photography

I love the beach, I love photographing boudoir, I LOVE putting these two things together! Mrs G met us at the beach for this session and we had some fun. For her first outfit, she opted for some jeans shorts and a white crop top which made for a super easy transition into jeans shorts & her bikini top. These poses we did near the water but not quite getting wet…yet. We switched to her bikini and waited for some waves, she did an amazing job at keeping her face when the waves did hit her! After that was technically a bodysuit but really looks like a one piece swimsuit and she again waited for waves to hit her AND did the arch on the beach! She was so much fun to work with, so excited she let us share these images! Want to see more? Check out her album on my Facebook page!

woman reclining on beach woman reclining on nc beach woman arching on beach woman kneeling in water on beach woman kneeling in water at beach woman standing in waves woman kneeling in the water at the beach woman kneeling in waves at beach woman lying in water at the beach woman standing in waves at beach reflection of woman standing woman lying in water at the beach