About Me

I’m a photographer. As long I can remember, I’ve always had “that would make an awesome picture!” floating around in my head. After two very different photo session experiences of my own, as well as the discovery of an amazing blog that completely opened my eyes, I decided to pursue becoming a pro.

I attended Carteret Community College in Morehead City, North Carolina and received my AAS in Photographic Technologies with high honors in 2013. Since graduating, I’ve continued studying many aspects of photography in various ways including books, online classes, in person workshops from the best of the best in my field.

Publications featuring my images include Bold and Beautiful Magazine, Military Spouse Magazine, Whimsy Unveiled, Chasing Light, Lensational, and many more.  My images have also been exhibited in over 20 countries including Australia, South Africa, Philippines, Italy, Mexico, and the US. If you’d like to see which images have been featured, published, and won awards I currently have two Facebook albums dedicated to this: boudoir and portraits.