The Hommowuns: Adam and Heather

There is something special about loyal clients…and friends. Three years ago, I received a phone call from a friend that her & her husband were interested in ball photos and wanted me to take them. I agreed wholeheartedly! I scoped out a great location, figured out the perfect time for lighting. They were my first session as a professional.




We had a BLAST! They were so easy to work with and were up for anything; what more could I ask for in clients?!

A few months later, Adam was promoted. I was there, on the beach, with my camera & gear.



That year’s ball, we did it again! This time right by the hotel where our ball was, since our husbands were both in 2d Radio Bn. I got my hair & make up done early and headed straight to the hotel to take their photos. I got some odd looks in my jeans & hoodie with my hair & make up all done for a ball, but it was totally worth it.



As you may know, I went to school for photography. This did include a class on portraiture, which meant I needed models. I called Heather and set everything into place for me to photograph a fashion shoot with her in one of my ball gowns. Shannon Sines even did her hair & make up for me to really give the shoot a little extra OOMPH!



A few months later, I was driving through downtown Jacksonville when an idea for a photo shoot popped in my head, totally random. I wanted to shoot a vintage styled session, specifically in the rain. A few minutes later, my phone ringed. It was Heather and she immediately started off with “So I just got this awesome idea for a photo shoot…”. You know you’re friends when you randomly have the exact same idea.

It took a little while to make this happen since we needed it raining, but not pouring. Everything fell into place. I had another session scheduled that cancelled due to rain; but I already had my sitter lined up. I called Heather and Adam, they met me downtown in half an hour for one of the most fun I’ve had during a photo shoot.


Heather is just all over my portfolio! I also did another session with just her, most of those pictures I won’t post here, but here are a couple from when we moved that particular shoot outside to the fountain in her apartment complex.



Adam opted to become a Marine Security Guard, also known as embassy duty. While he was in school, Heather came and stayed with us a few times (and visit him about 20 miles up the highway!). One of these trips, we hopped in my car, drove around and just took pictures. Some of my favorites of her thus far!



Last time she was here was for Adam’s MSG graduation. Of course I went, and naturally I brought my camera. And I got one of my absolute favorite pictures of him this time! Not to mention a couple super cute pictures of them together.



 Aren’t they just adorable?!

With the graduation of MSG Training comes their next move, and their farthest one yet: they will be moving to Western Africa! Over the years they have been amazing friends and outstanding clients.  Good luck and have fun over there, Heather & Adam!

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  1. October 1, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    Beautiful! I love seeing your progress. They are lucky to have such a talented photographer.

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