Why Boudoir?

Boudoir photography is classy, sexy photos. The definition can change a little from photographer to photographer, but I’ve found the term “implied nudes” to apply very well. With boudoir photography, nothing is actually showing, it’s all hints of your body. Boudoir is NOT pornography. You can wear as much, or as little, as YOU choose. You can be sassy, you can be shy, you can be sweet, you can be anything! You don’t need a perfect body to do boudoir photography. Why should you have boudoir photos? The best answer I can give is the rush and the boost of self esteem that comes with it. I had a boudoir shoot done myself when my son was 8 weeks old. Thankfully, I choose an amazing photographer who rocked the posing & editing and I still love those pictures. (Here is her website). Since then, I have shot with her four more times, and I’ve loved every set of my pictures. They make an amazing gift. Did you know that the first anniversary gift is traditionally paper? That was the reason I ended up getting my pictures done. Wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, promotion, just because. Do it for yourself! Boudoir packages typically include professional hair and make up (mine do!). It gives you an excuse to go lingerie shopping. You get pampered, you get all glammed up, then you get your pictures taken. It’s FUN! Nervous? Have a boudoir party! Get four friends together, all come to the studio and get pampered, listen to music, enjoy champagne & sparkling juices, have your pictures taken. Talk about a fun girls’ night. I’ve photographed many women over the years. Real women. Moms, wives, even a couple of female Marines. I don’t post pictures online without double approval (a signed model release AND your okay on each photo that gets posted). Why do I do this? Because I was you. I was a bit on the nervous side my first photo shoot; I was eight weeks post partum! The pictures rocked and my self esteem and confidence soared! My husband was ecstatic about the pictures. He still has them, over four years later. When I had my second boudoir shoot, I made the mistake of going with a photographer because she was “cheap”. I got what I paid for…plus a disc snapped in half. If you’re going to have these pictures made, make sure you’re going to love them! Looking for a boudoir photographer? Check out my boudoir Facebook page. Also be sure to check out this blog. I know the name of it seems silly, especially if you’re looking for a boudoir photographer. However, the same rules apply to general portrait photography as well as boudoir. Boudoir by Ashley Rescott Photography

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