FOE 4123 Auxiliary Ladies Quarter Auction for Charity

I am wicked excited to be attending this event for the second time! This auction benefits the Jimmy Durante Children’s Fund and other overall charities that the Ladies Auxiliary benefits.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what IS a quarter auction?!

A quarter auction is simply an auction where everything is paid for in quarters. You’ll purchase a paddle when you arrive (they’re $5). When an item you want to bid on comes up, you put the appropriate amount of quarters in the container on your table. You’ll raise your paddle to signal that you’re bidding on the item and the money is collected before the winner will be chosen by a bingo ball.

You’ll also have the opportunity to browse the various vendors at the event, who will be available for orders and purchases. I know Renee has worked really hard to have a huge variety of vendors on hand!

There will be door prizes & raffles in addition to the auction. Food & beverages will be available to purchase.

The auction will take place on Saturday, April 18th from 12-5 at the Eagles Aviary at 21 Cool Springs Rd, Fredericksburg VA. I will be there, set up for both sides of my business!

So come check it out, say hi and maybe win a fabulous prize!

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