Stafford VA Boudoir | Mrs M

Mrs M initially contacted me to set up a session as a gift for her husband for Valentine’s Day. Before her session, she  confesses that she was unsure, nervous but still excited. She came in and got glammed up by my wonderful hair & make up artist, Jacy. All the while we sat and chatted about a little of everything. Our conversations can be summed up in two words that explain it all: girl talk!

Mrs M ROCKED her session! She brought a plethora of outfit choices, as well as accessories. She even introduced me to a new online lingerie company! We played around with some ideas of mine, and she came prepared with some ideas of her own. Over all, magic happened and we had so much fun that it felt like fun. When I asked her how she would describe her session, she said “My boudoir session was a new experience for me. It did not take me much to get comfortable, thanks to the enthusiasm of the great photographer, Ashley. The best part of my boudoir session was that it gave me a big boost of confidence and it felt like two friends having fun listening to music, playing dress up and posing.”

She has very graciously allowed me to share some of her images from her shoot with you! As always, I leave the level of image sharing totally up to my models and she has chosen to share her anonymous images.

Thanks, Mrs M, for coming in and having a session with me! I think I had just as much fun as you did!


14 thoughts on “Stafford VA Boudoir | Mrs M”

    1. Wow Ashley, you truly captured such amazing photographs for her husband. I love how with each photograph she does look more and more comfortable, I can only imagine she is already thinking of ideas for another session with you. And I love how you showed off her tattoo, I bet this husband was so excited over such a unique gift!

  1. What a great Stafford Boudoir photography session! She looks absolutely amazing and very comfortable with herself. I’m sure her husband was thrilled on Valentine’s Day!

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