mermaid on rock

NoVA Beach Boudoir | Miss T

When it comes to boudoir, I really do like to play around, experiment and in general have fun with it all. I recently made the decision to start offering mermaid boudoir, or merboudoir, in addition to location boudoir sessions.

I have known Miss T since we were in middle school and I was very excited to have the opportunity to make this session happen! We met at Plymouth Beach very, very early one morning and made magic happen. We got an awesome variety! Some are a bit patriotic, some are merboudoir, and some are beach boudoir. We wanted to have this variety to really show off you don’t have to wear lingerie and you truly can have FUN with boudoir!

(If you’ve been following me for a while, this beach might look familiar! This is where I had the pleasure of working with Miss R last year, but with a HUGE difference in weather! Check out her session here!)

woman in white skirt on beach Lady in white skirt on rock at beach sexy woman in lace on beach sexy lady with sunglasses on beach Girl in jean shorts and tank top on beach woman in bikini and skirt on beach at sunrise girl on beach with american flag silhouette of girl through american flag on beach girl in patriotic bikini on rocks with wave girl in patriotic bikini on rocks with wave mermaid laying on beach mermaid on beach mermaid on rock sexy mermaid on rock at beach man carrying mermaid on beach

10 thoughts on “NoVA Beach Boudoir | Miss T”

  1. What a different take on Boudoir Photography! I love that you are willing to break out of the mold and try something unique and different! The mermaid tail at the end is a perfect add on to anyone looking for an ocean side boudoir session!

  2. Merboudoir sounds like such a creative and unique take on boudoir; I definitely know a few people who would love a chance to wear that mermaid tail! It’s a great way to have a fun photo session and celebrate living on the ocean.

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