We’ve Got Orders!

I’ve been meaning to sit and write this blog post for a while now, but it’s been hard. Surprisingly so, to be honest. My husband is a Marine, which means we move at the whims of the Marine Corps. This is what brought us here. It has been an amazing {almost} three years. I’ve made some amazing friends, created photo magic, and watched as my idea caused my husband and my son to go viral.

Now the Marine Corps says they need him to be somewhere else and that is where we will be calling home again soon. It’s bittersweet to be leaving. The people here are pretty awesome, I really found my style for boudoir while I was here, and the area itself is simply gorgeous. At the same time, we’re returning to where we started! We met at a toga party in Jacksonville. It’s where we dated, got married, our son was born, we purchased our first home, I went to college and so much more.

As with everything, I will always find the silver lining, the rainbow breaking through the clouds during a rainstorm. But that doesn’t mean I won’t miss the amazing people I met here. Thank you for an amazing three years.

Camp Lejeune, here we come!

Here are some of my favorite images from the past three years!

  1 comment for “We’ve Got Orders!

  1. February 22, 2017 at 10:20 am

    best of luck to you two! thanks so much for your family’s service to our great country!

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