Molly & Vlad | Jacksonville NC Elopement Photography

Remember that styled shoot I mentioned before? This gorgeous couple was a part of the same styled shoot! The theme was French Provincial and held at Tryon Palace. It was organized by Reatta Oxendine, makeup by Breanna Pridgen Beauty (FB), hair by Mercedes Quinn(FB IG), models are Molly Stone & Vlad Gregorovitch.

These images are supposed to be an “elopement”, when a couple goes off on their own and gets married, sometimes in secret, but usually without a large ceremony and reception. To complete this idea, she is in a wedding gown & he’s in a suit. Here’s the thing, they aren’t an in real life couple, they are actually amazing last minute models who were able to fill in when the original models got sick and didn’t even meet until she was already getting her hair done! They were so much fun to work with, very silly. Unaware we didn’t know about this, when someone asked how long they’d been together, Molly joked “2 years!” and waited for a laugh and then had to explain they met that morning, which shocked everyone there!

I’m not sure how styled sessions normally work, but whenever I would see a model not in use, I would jump to them and work with them either one on one or with a couple of other photographers (there were about 20 there that day!). My familiarity with the Palace grounds definitely paid off and I was able to grab Molly, Vlad, Mercedes (who, after doing hair for the models was kind enough to be my lighting assistant for the day), and another photographer and took them to the cannon and the gazebo that are almost hidden gems.

The Palace is an amazing location for your wedding or special event as well as photo sessions! Whether it’s an elopement, engagement, maternity, or even boudoir, I’m always up for a session at the Palace!

couple standing in gateway in front of palace couple in gateway to palace with masks groom dipping bride in front of palace couple standing at door to palace Groom holding bride while leaning against cannon behind the palace wedding couple in walkway in front of tree Bride & groom cuddling in front of Palace Bride kissing groom on cheek Bride & groom kissing in the sunshine bride looking at groom Bride & groom embracing bride & groom in the stable, leaning on ladder bride and groom in stable looking at each other groom leaning against ladder and holding bride bridal couple in the garden black & white image of bride & groom in the garden

bride & groom leaning against cannon with tryon palace in the background

Elopement groom holding his bride while he leans against a cannon with the back of Tryon Palace in the background.

bride & groom in gazebo Bride & groom snuggling close in the gazebo Groom leaning against gazebo bridal couple in garden pathway groom kissing bride's cheek Bride dancing with groom bridal couple dancing Bridal couple canoodling in front of palace Groom kissing bride's forehead

  3 comments for “Molly & Vlad | Jacksonville NC Elopement Photography

  1. Rachel
    April 8, 2020 at 10:52 am

    This wedding was so beautiful! You did the best job at capturing their big day!

  2. May 6, 2020 at 4:05 pm

    All of these photos are SO incredible! They look so happy, and I love the one with the face-masks, so they will always remember this historical event. Beautiful work Ashley!

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