Brittaney & Michael | Jacksonville NC Couples Photography

North Carolina weather can be a bit crazy and unpredictable. There are days it pours and pours but right before sunset the clouds clear and it’s the most stunning sunset. Other days the rain comes from nowhere and sticks around. When it started raining the day of Brittaney and Michael’s session, we decided to try and wait it out and it was clear out near me and near them so we decided to go ahead and keep the session. What we didn’t know, being in Hubert and Richlands, was that Jacksonville was getting Mother Nature’s fury unleashed. Since we were already there, and I have a “rain jacket” for my camera, we decided to go ahead and get a couple of quick images and reschedule for another day for the rest of their session.

The second time we met up, the weather couldn’t have been more different! The sun was shining and absolutely gorgeous light was coming through. This park is probably my favorite location in Jacksonville for a session, it’s definitely all over my portfolio, and I’m glad we got to play in both the rain and the sun with Brittaney and Michael!

Hair and makeup services provided by Makeup by Madie.

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