Mrs K Studio Session | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photographer

This session has to be one of my favorite from this year. Mrs K is a good friend of mine so we have been planning this session for a while and have been counting down. Mrs K arrived at the studio and was the first to use the new hair & make up room. Mercedes glammed her up while I…preheated the oven?!

We started with the bed set, creating some beautifully timeless images, then started incorporating one of the most unexpected boudoir props ever: a Pizza Hut box 😉 In Mrs K’s words, pizza is always there when she needs it, hot and ready. It never lies and is always delicious. We continued the silliness with different outfits, including a red rhinestone corset from the studio wardrobe!

Admittedly, there is a bit of “pizza-ception” in this session. The box may say Pizza Hut, but the pizza itself isn’t delivery…it’s Diorgano 😉


Boudoir photos by Ashley Rescott. www.ashleyrescottphotography.com/boudoir
Boudoir photos by Ashley Rescott. http://www.ashleyrescottphotography.com/boudoir

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