Miss S | Jacksonville NC Boudoir Photography

You know how you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them forever? It was like that when Miss S arrived at the studio for her session. She just fit right in the craziness that can be Mercedes and I during sessions. As she sat down to start the glamming process, she lets me know that she didn’t have time to stop for one of her props. So, naturally, I ran out and got it for her because it needed to happen!

She brought some amazing outfits for her session, including a “cold shoulder” body suit, a long sleeve lace body suit that brought some serious drama, a fabulous silk bathrobe, and dipped into the client wardrobe for the halter body suit and, a client favorite, my red robe!

We started in the bedroom set, using the natural light that comes through the windows. Then, breaking from the normal order, we moved to the couch so Mercedes could give us a hand with lighting. Back to the bedroom then onto the floor for some fun shots! Without further ado, the images from the gorgeous Miss S!

Hair & make up by Mercedes Quinn!

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