Jacksonville NC Cozy Boudoir | Mrs F

I was SO excited when Mrs F reached out to me to book her cozy boudoir session; I have known her since before I became a photographer! This session actually took place back in early November as a Christmas gift for her husband so we’ve been patiently waiting to share her images.

Hair & makeup was done by Mercedes Quinn and lighting assistance by Litalee. 

For Mrs F’s first outfit, we choose her sweater and over the knee socks. While not lingerie, something comfy and cozy can be super sexy! We amped up the cozy feel by posing her on the bed. I also grabbed some images in the mirror to keep things a little playful, too. 

Her second outfit was a gorgeous red lace halter teddy. It hits in all the right places, emphasizing her curves and really pops with her skin tone. We continued posing on the bed, really showing off her amazing curves. After a few poses, we went over the the mirror. The mirror gives us a unique opportunity to capture you from two different angles and Mrs F totally rocked ALL her angles.

Next came her black lace teddy that was simply amazing on her. With this outfit, we really played up the Christmas theme of her session by adding ornaments on the bed with her. They add a pop of color and whimsy while still being sexy boudoir images. After finishing a few more images in the bedroom, we headed for the sitting room set where we posed her on the blue couch. This couch is everything I ever wanted in a boudoir studio piece. I’m so glad she trusted me to guide her through my posing. I can sound a bit crazy at times, but it’s all so worth it! We also transitioned in to the red room while in this teddy. The dramatic light, the black lace, and the red wall just came together for some beautiful images.

Finally, Mrs F changed into her last outfit for her boudoir session. She pulled the gold “bikini top” from the client closet and paired it with a pair of jeans. This may seem like an unexpected combination, but it works SO well together. Add some more dramatic lighting and posing that accents her curves, and the images are FIRE.

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