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When you have an amazing local model want to come play but she’s going to be coming at night, you embrace it and play with lighting! Cheyenne Richea came in to model for boudoir photography. After taking a tour through the studio and checking in on my client closet, she opted to use some of my pieces.

We started with a blush pink teddy with my stunningly gorgeous wings! They came in the week before Christmas and she was the first person to wear them (other than me in a quick selfie!). She totally rocked the wings, looking like a full on Victoria’s Secret Angel. We started on the blue couch in the sitting room set with some dramatic lighting. Moving onto the floor, Cheyenne very carefully laid on top of the wings. These are such a great add on for any boudoir session and I’m very grateful she modelled them.

Next, Cheyenne opted for the red robe and back to the couch we went. The dark red color was a perfect contrast for her skin tone. A string of pearls added the perfect little POP to her outfit. Since she came in with another model, they decided to pose together for a couple of images. Having them lay on the floor in these robes was just too fun to pass up! (Be sure to watch the blog for more of Ashley’s session!)

When we went into the red room, Cheyenne changed her lipstick to a luscious red and into one of our amazing body suits. On the hanger, it admittedly looked like it was made for a doll but hugged her in all the right places plus added a little sparkle. More dramatic lighting as well as neon, just for some fun! While still in the red room, she put on one of our red teddies and popped onto the black wall. I love the look of the red bodysuit “against” the red wall. She definitely brought the smolder for this set of poses, too!

From there, we went in to the bedroom set and Cheyenne played with the mirror while in a black halter bodysuit that may look familiar from past blog posts. It’s a fantastic piece that is super sexy without being *too* revealing…well, except the back!

Finally, Cheyenne hopped in the shower and things got a bit steamy. I love the shower for your boudoir session, it’s so completely different from the other sets. We really played with the dramatic lighting in here again. 

Overall, it was a perfect way to kick off 2021 at the boudoir studio! Thinking about booking a session for you? More information | Contact Me 

(Warning: some images may have visible nipples and therefore may be considered NSFW)

Boudoir angel on couch black and white, boudoir angel on couch pink winged angel on couch angel on couch angel on couch, eyes closed boudoir angel from above boudoir angel playing with hair lying on floor fallen boudoir angel boudoir angel lying on wings closeup boudoir angel boudoir angel lying on floor woman in red robe sitting on couch woman in red robe on couch black and white image of woman on couch woman lying on floor in her robe

models in robes on floor models in robes lying on floorwoman in mesh bodysuit on red wall woman in bodysuit leaning against wall standing boudoir pose against wall neon boudoir, standing pose woman standing against wall with magenta light woman from behind, neon boudoir woman in red teddy on black wall woman in lingerie, eyes down woman in red lingerie leaning against wall shadowed image of woman leaning against wall mysterious woman leaning against wall woman in red teddy leaning against black wall black and white image of woman leaning against wall shadowy boudoir playful woman in shadows dramatic standing boudoir woman standing at mirror woman kneeling on bed in bodysuit reflection of woman kneeling on bed woman in steamy shower woman with hands on glass shower woman in steamy shower water drops on shower, woman behind black and white image of woman in shower woman in shower woman in shower, facing away

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  1. Joe
    January 15, 2021 at 10:21 pm

    Amazing, especially the dark images. Awesome lighting!

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