Boudoir: a modern take on a traditional anniversary gift!

You may have heard of the whole traditional wedding anniversary gift thing, it goes back for YEARS! I actually had my first boudoir session done as a fun modern twist on the traditional gift of paper. Here are some great ways to incorporate these traditional ideas into your session or products:

1st Year – Paper: Prints with your images
2nd Year – Cotton: photos done in a cotton t shirt, gift your spouse the shirt and the images
3rd Year – Leather: leather bound book
4th Year – Fruit or Flowers: photos eating fruit or with flower petals carefully placed
5th Year – Wood: wooden print or wooden ornament with your image on it
6th Year – Iron: magnet featuring your image
7th Year – Wool: cozy boudoir in a wool sweater or wrapped in a wool blanket
8th Year – Linen (modern): linen covered book with your images. 
9th Year – Willow: Have your session at a location with willow trees
10th Year – Aluminum: our metals prints are GORGEOUS and made of aluminum
11th Year – Steel: incorporate something like handcuffs into your session
12th Year – Silk: wear silk lingerie/robe or have your session using our silk sheets
13th Year – Lace: wear lace for your session, have whatever you’re wearing in your photos on when you give them
14th Year – Ivory: go for the color instead of actual Ivory and rock it during your session
15th Year – Crystal: using crystals during your session can create a pop of artsy to your images
16th Year – Wax: use candles in your session, or melted candle wax.
17th Year – Furniture: we have a variety of furniture you can pose on during your session
18th Year – Porcelain: ceramic tiles featuring your images
19th Year – Bronze: wear bronze accessories during your session, put your images in a bronze photo frame
20th Year – Platinum (modern): Platinum photo frame, wear platinum jewelry during your session
25th Year – Sterling Silver:  there are SO many things made of silver, you can get a necklace with your images in the locket, a frame, wear silver outfits or accessories, MANY options for your silver anniversary
30th Year – Pearl: Pearl pages in your book or wall calendar, wearing nothing but pearls in your images
35th Year – Coral: much like Ivory, I’d focus on the color and incorporate it into your session with outfits, bedding, accessories, props.
40th Year – Ruby: incorporating the color red (hello red room!) into your session
45th Year – Sapphire: wearing sapphires or focusing on blue wardrobe choices.
50th Year – Gold: wearing gold jewelry and outfits, the locket I mentioned for the silver anniversary is also available in gold!
55th Year – Emerald: another gorgeous jewel tone outfit selection for your images!
60th Year: Diamond: sparkle like a diamond and wear something that glitters whether that’s your outfit or accessories


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