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You’ll recognize Ryan Leigh from this blog post. She’s an amazing local model who came to the studio to collab and we ended up with so many images, we’re breaking up the blog posts! This time, we are focusing on the images we created in the sitting room. The sitting room set is the first one you’ll see when you come into the studio. It features some gorgeous natural light, a stunning blue couch, and sheepskin rugs. It’s also a great spot for some dramatic lighting like we used in this boudoir session. For these images, we focused more on a pretty boudoir style.

For Ryan’s first set of images in the sitting room, she wore two of our client closet pieces. The Leah Maria Couture sparkle gown and the crown. It has a “skin tone” bodysuit underneath to give the illusion of nudity while staying totally modest. We also played with the crystals to create some really fun artsy in camera effects. Ryan really played around with her posing on the couch and with the crown.

Ryan’s second outfit in the sitting room was her sequin bustier and undies set. I love the sparkle from the sequins in both natural light and using some dramatic lighting.  While the first outfit we stuck with natural light, this time we started with natural light and transitioned to using some flash techniques. We also pulled out the crystals again to see what effects we could create. For posing, Ryan played with different standing options to create some variety in her boudoir images.

Continuing with the dramatic lighting, Ryan changed into a blue teddy and grabbed our amazing blue cape from the client closet. Don’t they look like they were made to go together?! Dramatic light, crystals, and a bit of both standing and sitting on the couch posing really gave Ryan some options for creative posing. We switched back over to natural light for a bit to play up the more pretty side of boudoir.

Overall, we focused more on pretty boudoir in the sitting room set. The gold sparkle gown is simply gorgeous and so flattering. The crown is a great prop, showing how Ryan Leigh truly is a queen. The sequins added a pop of sparkle without overpowering Ryan Leigh. The cape definitely added a pop of drama to her boudoir images. The crystals that we continue to pull out added some artsy flare and texture while still keeping the focus on our model. While some of these effects could be achieved in photoshop, I prefer creating something unique for each client. For your session, you’ll have the option of pretty, dramatic, or a bit of both. Reach out to us about booking your session today!

woman in gold gown and crown on couch woman in gold gown on couch, looking down woman sitting pretty on couch woman in gold glitter gown sitting on antique couch smiling woman on couch woman in gown lying on couch woman in gold glitter gown reclining on couch woman lying on couch in gown with crown woman sitting on couch woman in sequin bustier and panties standing by the window blonde woman standing by window in her underwear blonde woman standing by window in her underwear woman in sequin underwear by window full length portrait of woman in sequin underthings by window woman with back to window, in camera crystal effects woman in sequin underwear with dramatic lighting black and white boudoir portrait of woman by window woman in sequin undies standing with dramatic lighting woman in cape standing by window woman in blue cape by couch, standing boudoir black and white boudoir portrait of woman kneeling on couch boudoir portrait of woman kneeling on couch while wearing a cape woman in cape sitting on couch woman sitting on couch in a blue cape boudoir portrait of blonde model kneeling on couch wearing a blue cape

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