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Another day, another Ryan Leigh post! If you’ve missed the last two, check them out here and here. This blog post will focus on her images in the red room set using dramatic and neon lighting for her boudoir session. Using one of our newest modifiers, playing with different lighting and incorporating the crystals, we made some gorgeous images. These are definitely a lot different from the other two blog posts featuring Ryan and that’s what I adore most about my Hubert studio! We can do things that are pretty, light and airy, and we can go full on drama with neon boudoir and dramatic light!

We started off with the black slashed bodysuit from the client closet. Since we were playing with the light wands, we started with a pink main light with a pop of blue from the secondary light. Ryan Leigh took the opportunity of constant light on her to really play with her posing (and the bodysuit!). Next, we changed the neon lighting to a blue main light with a pinkish red secondary. We also moved the lights for a full 50/50 effect with them and just by changing her pose slightly, it creates a totally new mood. We also played with the crystals for some in camera magic.

To switch things up, we opted to play with a combination of white light with the neon. While this may or may not be considered pure neon boudoir, it came out amazing. We started with the white main light and a blue backlight. This created a really fun effect where her hair looked blue! Continuing with the experiment, we turned the main light a gorgeous pink and used the white as a backlight. Very dramatically different from the prior set ups.

For her second outfit, Ryan Leigh opted for this split front dress. It’s a great piece from the client closet that doesn’t get nearly enough love. We started out using our flash lighting system with a snoot. The snoot focuses the light and creates a dramatic spotlight effect. Next, we played with the crystals which created this really funky effect of repeating her face. We joked it looked a bit like Halloween, but it was fun enough to keep playing with! Finally, after some time with red gels in the flash, we popped over to the black wall for more neon boudoir. This time we started with pink and blue lighting as well as crystals to create some artsy images. 

I am very glad Ryan Leigh came into the studio and let us experiment with this lighting! We’ve already started incorporating it into clients’ sessions and the results have been just as gorgeous as these.

Interested in booking a neon boudoir session? Reach out to us!  

model in pink neon light model playing with body suit in neon light neon boudoir image of model in blue light model in bodysuit in neon boudoir lighting model looking down in neon lighting model in split neon light neon boudoir model in split light Model in split neon light neon boudoir, split lighting, model playing with hair model in red light with pop of blue from behind neon boudoir, red light on model with blue kicker Model in slashed bodysuit, blue light from behind blonde model with blue backlight model backlit with blue light for neon boudoir model backlit with pink fill light, neon boudoir blonde model in pink light with backlight neon boudoir model in pink light looking down and away from the light spotlighting on blonde woman in black dress Blonde model in black dress on red wall with spotlight black and white boudoir portrait of woman spotlit with hands in her hair black and white boudoir portrait of woman in dress woman in black dress on red wall, spotlight woman in black dress on red wall, spotlight, effect with ehr face around her model in red spotlight during neon boudoir red spotlight on model Model in split blue & pink lighting during neon boudoir woman in neon light, in camera effects model in neon lighting looking down neon pink streaks over model blur of pink light over model in neon lighting neon boudoir lighting, pink and blue light on model

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