My Self Directed Boudoir Session

I am a firm believer in walking the walk. I’m also a huge believer in the golden rule and keeping everything fair. If you’re a member of our Very Important Boudies group, you’ve seen this in action more than once. So it seemed it was time for me to book a self directed boudoir session. This is something that is infinitely easier said than done, especially when roping in a friend to act as photographer. I was very lucky that my best friend, who was my primary hair & makeup artist for over three years, also acted as an assistant on sessions occasionally. This gave her a unique understanding of where I typically take photos from. Litalee was also on hand to help with lighting and all the myriad of things she does behind the scenes to make sessions run smoothly.

The session started like all boudoir sessions: in hair and makeup! Since I am a bit colorful, both in my hair color and my personality, we used more colorful makeup. My hair and makeup were done by the ever amazing Mercedes Quinn. She definitely used my personal style as inspiration for my unique makeup look.

We started the session in the bedroom set. The natural light was gorgeous. Wanting to incorporate a bit more of my personality into the images, I added a few set pieces. The illuminated rose and the ceramic hibiscus that were gifts from my husband are the more obvious. I started in a purple bra & panty set from Adore Me. I love the fit and the straps add a hint of sexiness to a simple underwear set. The color also matches well with my mermaid hair.

My next outfits were a Gryffindor sweater followed by a Gryffindor rugby shirt. Not something most people would immediately think of as sexy. However, the low neckline allows for great shots with cleavage. It also allowed me to incorporate some Harry Potter into my session. As you can see, I have a Harry Potter inspired tattoo on my leg; it’s my wand from Pottermore into a mermaid Patronus.

Moving onto the next outfit, I put on a black silky dress from Victoria’s Secret. Black is a great neutral color that didn’t clash with my hair (something I always take into consideration!). I wanted to make sure I played in the mirror because it’s such a great set piece in the bedroom. This was new for Mercedes but she did great at trusting me on where to stand!

The next outfit was a light pink set from Victoria’s Secret. Pink is my absolute favorite color. The night before my session, I realized I hadn’t planned on being a Foodie Boudie and I was SHOCKED. I thought about the different options I could do and almost said “DUH” out loud. In high school, I was known for always having a BIG bag of the Kiddie Mix piƱata candy in my school bag. I worked in a party store so definitely used my employee discount to great advantage. My gamertag is a play on “Candy Girl” for over a decade. Knowing all of this, lying in a bed surrounded by Skittles, Starbursts, and more candy seemed the most appropriate thing ever.

Next I put on the pale pink robe from the client closet. There was NO way I wasn’t going to wear one of these robes! While we were checking light settings, I decided to twirl around in the robe and ended up LOVING these images. Some posing on the couch followed by lying on the floor. We even added the candy to these images!

For my last outfit, I wore a very strappy bra & panty set under the black robe from the client closet and sat on the couch. Then I went upside down on the couch, just like I have you do!

At the end of the session I was extremely sore. Between the posing and the fact my camera isn’t set up the way most cameras are so there was a bit of a learning curve for Mercedes, I went home and went to bed. Don’t worry, in most cases I try and keep you in these poses only as long as I have to and give you plenty of time to rest! Ready to book your session? Reach out to me!

woman lying in bed in purple underwear set woman lying in bed in purple underwear set laughing woman lying in bed laughing woman lying in bed boudoir model lounging in bed woman sitting in bed in a gryffindor sweater woman sitting in bed with wand black and white boudoir portrait of smiling woman sitting in bed and dancing with a magic wand Harry potter inspired boudoir model reading spellbook with knee on bed harry potter inspired boudoir image of model ying on bed harry potter inspired boudoir image of model lying on bed reflection of woman standing near bed and playing with her hair woman standing near bed looking in mirror reflection of woman standing near bed woman in black nightdress standing at mirror boudoir model lying in bed with candy smiling boudoir model lying in bed with candy boudoir model lying in bed biting candy woman with purple hair spinning in robe woman with purple hair twirling in robe boudoir client lounging on couch in feathered robe boudoir client lounging on couch in feathered robe plus sized woman lying on floor in pink robe woman holding face while lying on floor in robe woman lying on floor in pink robe with candy around her black and white boudoir portrait of woman sitting on couch woman sitting on couch in robe woman in robe sitting on couch model upside down on couch, arm covering half her face mermaid hair model upside down on couch model upside down on couch, holding sign with logo

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  1. Joe
    February 24, 2021 at 9:07 am

    Very nice work. I’ve been following your posts a while and I can’t notice any difference in style even with someone else behind the camera.

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