Mrs M’s Third Boudoir Experience

I was wicked excited when Mrs M reached out about coming back to the studio! Her first session with us was in here before Hurricane Florence. Her second was shortly after Florence when I was temporarily shooting out of my living room. Hair and makeup was done by the always awesome Mercedes Quinn. Lighting assist was done by Kat.

We started in the bedroom for her first set. Using a flag scarf from the client closet, we created the illusion of wearing nothing but the flag (but of course without dishonoring an actual flag!). We played this up more, using the mirror to catch her reflection, too.

Her next outfit was purchased from Krispy Kreme on her way to the session (along with an extra box to share with everyone!). Yes, that’s right, she wore doughnuts and a smile. Her last session she “wore” Oreos, this time she wanted to be Doughnut Girl. We always love having foodie boudies, especially when they share!

Next up was the sapphire blue lace teddy from the client closet and out into the sitting room set. Pulling out the dramatic lighting (and the magical whozits and whatzits!) we posed Mrs M on the new couch. These images are SO different from her last session because this couch allows us to do some new things with posing. The magical whozits and whatzits are what created those interested blurring and refraction effects, no photoshop required!

Her final outfit was one she brought in, a leather bodysuit with thigh garters. We started in the red room, the black outfit really popping against the red wall. Finally, a short detour to the bedroom set for a few images with the mirror to finish up her session.

Overall, the biggest thing I remember from her session is how much time we spent laughing. It’s always great when clients feel more like friends and Mrs M is definitely the epitome of that!

woman kneeling on bed holding flag woman laughing wearing flag scarf nude woman with flag example of implied nude boudoir patriotic boudoir reflection woman lying on bed covered by scarf woman lying on bed with donuts woman lying in bed wearing doughnuts nude woman in bed with krispy kreme box woman sitting in bed eating doughnuts woman eating doughnuts in bed woman sitting on arm of couch in lingerie woman lying on couch black and white boudoir portrait of woman lounging across couch woman in lingerie sitting on couch woman holding rose sitting on arm of couch woman in lingerie lying on couch boudoir model standing woman in black leather jacket standing on red wall backlit image of boudoir model leaning against wall boudoir model leaning against wall backlit image of boudoir model leaning against wall boudoir model leaning against wall Woman in leather lingerie leaning against mirror woman in black leather lingerie looking at herself in the mirror woman in black leather lingerie leaning against a mirror

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  1. Joe
    June 1, 2021 at 1:59 pm

    Fantastic images, as always. The donuts were a fun touch to the series. Thanks for posting 😊

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