Red Room Boudoir Set Highlight

This set is one I am very proud of. I don’t remember how I came up with the idea, I just remember thinking something dramatic and colorful would be great. The original red room had two red walls and 2 black, but this time it’s one red, one black and two grey. Honestly, when you’re looking in it from the sitting room set, you can’t even tell it’s black and red! Highlighting the Red Room Boudoir set!

For this set, we exclusively use lighting. We have a few different lighting options to use, including flash, wands, and more. Sometimes it’s extremely dramatic, others it’s more diffused. This is also the set we use for our neon boudoir sessions. The red wall is a perfect colorful POP. Surprisingly, having boudies wear red lingerie against the wall looks amazing. I was worried it might blend together or clash, but because of the lighting we use it works quite well. The black wall is another great pop of darkness to add drama. I love putting boudies on wall one and photographing them from the side so I catch the other behind them.

Check out some of the images we’ve created in this set!

Portfolio image of the red room during a boudoir session red room boudoir image, showing OCF and boudoir posing skills woman in black lingerie standing at red wall Portfolio image of the red room during a boudoir session woman arching on wall spotlighting on blonde woman in black dress woman arching against red wall Portfolio image of the red room during a boudoir session dramatically lit boudoir image of woman in red lace teddy against red wall, light coming from behind curvy boudoir model in red lingerie smelling rose woman in red teddy on black wall woman arching on wall woman in bodysuit on black wall neon lit boudoir image Portfolio image of neon boudoir neon pink streaks over model

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