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My Hubert studio has an amazing selection of sets to choose from for your boudoir session. For this post, we’re featuring our gorgeous sitting room boudoir set. It has quite a few different options from which set pieces to use and what lighting. Whichever you decide, it makes a great set for your boudoir session.

The most popular set piece in the sitting room is our blue couch. It is a real antique and photographs beautifully in all kinds of lighting. We’ve done images in natural light that are just as stunning as pulling out the lighting and adding a pop of drama. Some of our popular poses include lounging across the couch, lying upside down with your head hanging off, or simply sitting. Okay, I admit, it’s not that simple but we do pose you head to toe!

Next we have the sheepskin rugs. These can add a pop of texture to your image by putting them on the floor in front of the couch. They are also quite comfortable to lay down on. I will quite often pull the step ladder take the photo of you from above. They’re so soft and the curves on them are a fantastic echo of your own curves. I have recently started adding lighting to some of these poses to great effect. Whether you’re lying on them or they’re adding a pop of contrast to the floor, they are great for your sitting room boudoir session.

The sitting room is painted in my absolute favorite light grey color. It’s a true neutral grey so it goes with any outfit color. The lightness of the color allows light to bounce around more diffused, creating beautiful natural light in the set. It also make a perfect background for standing boudoir poses. There are two primary spots we use for standing boudoir in the sitting room: the blank wall and by the window. Both are great spots for natural light and playing with OCF (off camera flash). It’s also a great backdrop for one of our favorite poses: the arch!

I do also have a chaise, a bench, and a char that we use in the set. While they might not be quite as popular as the couch, they are still great for adding some variety to your images. My gorgeous espresso hardwood floors make a great backdrop for lying on the robes. The darkness of them really plays up the contrast and dimension from the feathers, adding some texture to your images. Finally, going from the sitting room to the bedroom set is a hallway that makes a fun spot for images, too. Here are some examples from sessions in the sitting room!
Portfolio image of natural light boudoir on couch natural light boudoir image in sitting room set for portfolio purposes woman in underwear on couch natural light boudoir image in sitting room set for portfolio purposes model upside down on couch, arm covering half her face Portfolio image of natural light boudoir with angel wings angel sitting on the couch Portfolio image of natural light boudoir on couch model in wings on couch Blonde boudoir model in pink lacy teddy sitting on couch leaning forward with dramatic light angel on couch, eyes closed woman arching with wand in front of couch woman lying on sheepskin rug smelling a rose natural light boudoir image in sitting room set for portfolio purposes woman lying on sheepskin rug woman in body suit leaning against wall model in angel wings blonde woman standing by window in her underwear woman with purple hair twirling in robe Natural light boudoir portfolio image Portfolio image of backlit arch pose Portfolio image of holiday boudoir Portfolio image of dramatic light boudoir with wings woman in red robe silhouetted in hallway

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  4 comments for “Sitting Room Boudoir | Hubert Set Highlight

  1. Rachel
    March 3, 2021 at 9:51 am

    I agree that blue couch is great! I love it! I just love your work. You really know how to capture these beautiful ladies. I love all of your dresses as well! Beautiful work!

  2. March 3, 2021 at 12:13 pm

    You do have an awesome variety of sets and wardrobe options. Those angel wings are amazing and look so beautiful on everyone!

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