The Bedroom Boudoir Set Highlight

My last blog post featured our gorgeous sitting room set. This time, I’m featuring the bedroom set! This set features a bed, mirror, and vanity to use during your session. It is the most traditional boudoir set in the studio. Great for both natural light and dramatic lighting, it’s variety is perfect for your bedroom boudoir session.

Taking advantage of the bedroom’s gorgeous natural light is a perfect start to many sessions. The white bedding that is normally on the bed gives almost a light and airy feel to the set. Thanks to the two windows, the set has natural light in both the morning and afternoon. The natural light does also reach to the area by the mirror, resulting in beautiful images.

Want to mix it up? Book your session later in the day, or we can block the light from the windows and go dramatic! In the closet we have satin sheets in black, red, silver, and gold, too! Honestly, both natural light and dramatically lit sessions in this set work beautifully.

Check out some of the amazing images from past bedroom boudoir sessions.

Natural light boudoir portfolio image natural light boudoir image in bedroom set for portfolio purposes woman in calvin klein underwear kneeling n bed woman in lingerie lying in bed woman kneeling on bed, making eye contact Natural light boudoir portfolio image woman lounging in bed Woman lying in bed in t shirt and socks and looking over her shoulder model looking at me in mirror natural light boudoir image in bedroom set for portfolio purposes portfolio image of boudoir in a mirror Portfolio image of dramatic light boudoir model in mirror in spotlight smiling woman in black dress & kimono standing at mirror, dramatic but diffused lighting woman kneeling on bed in bodysuit dark angel kneeling on bed woman lying in bed Portfolio image of dramatic light boudoir

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