Arianna’s Sitting Room Boudoir Session

Arianna came to my Hubert boudoir studio to play around with the new studio couch. Whenever I get in something new, I love taking the opportunity to have a model come in to collaborate. Arianna was amazing and we definitely came up with some gorgeous images.

In addition to the couch, we pulled a few client closet pieces for her to wear. The pink robe from the client closet paired SO well with her sparkly pink bra & undies set (that she made herself!). Next was the stunning rose gold Jaclyn dress from Topaz and Thread and my gold crown. The dress itself is totally sheer but I do have a “nude” slip to wear under it. Her final client closet piece was the sapphire blue lace teddy. Her final outfit of hers, at least in this set of images, was a ruby red bra & undies set that POPPED perfectly off the couch.

When it came to posing on the couch, we both knew we really wanted to explore the possibilities. With this in mind, we didn’t limit her position on the couch to the seating area. We definitely did things we were told by parents NOT to do including sitting on the arm of the couch, sitting on the back of the couch, and so much more. While part of me almost wants to instinctively apologize to my mom, this is definitely something I will be continuing to do with all my boudies!

You see those super interesting blurring and almost fractal effects? All done in camera! I don’t like spending time in photoshop so all these effects we done during the session. How? You’ll have to book your own session to see the magic that goes on behind the scenes.

example of boudoir posing on a couch Boudoir portrait of woman in pink robe on blue couch utilizing in camera effects woman in robe sitting on couch boudoir woman couch in camera magic effect for boudoir image Natural light boudoir portfolio image Natural light boudoir portfolio image, in camera blurring effect

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  1 comment for “Arianna’s Sitting Room Boudoir Session

  1. Joe
    July 7, 2021 at 10:44 am

    Very nice effects on what look like lens filter modifications. Lovely images, and I always enjoy seeing your work. Very consistent style.

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