Arianna’s Red Room Boudoir

You may recognize Arianna from my last blog post; this is the second part of her session! The red room images have such a different feel from the sitting room ones that I want to showcase them separately.

We started in the red room in the same outfit we ended with in the sitting room, the ruby red bra & panty set. I love putting red on red in here; it photographs surprisingly well! Using lighting allowed us to really play up the drama in her boudoir images. The difference between the super dark images and the ones you can see her face? Literally all I did was turn on a light. I’m a huge fan of working smarter not harder as well as minimal changes for maximum effect and this is one of the ways I do that.

Next was a black version of her last outfit but with totally different lighting! This time we decided to play around with neon lighting. We started with a harder lighting combination of red and blue. After a bit, we adjusted the light to a softer purplish pink. The crystals I used really created some fun effects with her images.

example of boudoir posing on a couch Boudoir portrait of woman in pink robe on blue couch utilizing in camera effects Natural light boudoir portfolio image, in camera blurring effect Natural light boudoir portfolio image in camera magic effect for boudoir image boudoir woman couch woman in robe sitting on couch

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