Aerial Boudoir | Swansboro NC

Having a network of creatives come together for a session can create absolute magic. In this case, I partnered with another local boudoir photographer and two local aerialists for some aerial boudoir. Sarina Rose is actually an instructor of various aerial classes in Swansboro and was thrilled to model for us. She also asked one of her students to model and do some really creative posing together.

For lighting, we used a bit of the neon lighting to create some fun colors. Aerialists are able to move in such graceful ways and create these stunning poses that we were able to play up with light. We used the hoop as well as split silks and a hammock silk for plenty of variety. Sarina and her student, Ms P, definitely know their way around this studio space! For outfits, I brought some pieces from the client closet. The black dress, glittery bodysuits, and even some lingerie. They also wore their normal athletic leggings & tops and dresses. In addition to their outfits, I also brought my champagne angel wings and we very carefully posed with them.

During the session, safety of our amazing models was always a concern and we made sure to take plenty of breaks so they didn’t get worn out. My assistant, Kat, was on hand to help with lighting. Aerial boudoir was something completely new for me but I would do another session like this in a heartbeat, it was so much fun! Also, seeing the strength involved in these poses elevated my respect even more for these artists.

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