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After many years of wanting, and pushing, I am so happy to finally be able to offer shower boudoir sessions! I know I could have built a fake shower set up, but I insisted on having a working shower. Aside from easier clean up, this allows up to have running water in your images. The shower is cleaned and sanitized between clients, of course! We have used the time since we completed the shower build to play with both natural light and lighting. The lighting is the clear winner, from our point of view.

What to Wear

When you decide you’d like to book a session using the shower, this is probably the first thing on your mind. It’s a shower, so implied nude is an option. We pose you so you’re not showing off the “goodies” but still give the implication. Another option is white clothing: a tank top, t shirt, or even bodysuit. When wet, white clothes tend to turn transparent which gives you a way to be totally dressed but still showing some skin. You can also wear lingerie, if you want to. We don’t typically recommend wearing jewelry unless you’re okay with it getting wet.

What to Bring

When getting in the shower, you’re going to be getting wet. We have towels available but do recommend bringing your own (especially if your hair isĀ  considered a “party color”). A body wash that suds well can add some bubbles to your images. A hair tie if you want to throw your hair up in a bun. A plastic bag so you can put your wet clothing in it after.

What to Expect

As I mentioned before, what you wear is totally up to you and your comfort level. While we’re shooting in the shower set, you will be in the shower while my assistant and I will be outside of it. My assistant’s main job is to hold and move the light during your session for the best lighting possible. No matter what water temperature we use, the shower will steam up. This results in some gorgeous almost anonymous shower boudoir images. This also means we’ll have you throw water on the shower so we can see you. I still pose you head to toe and direct you. Getting your hair and/or face wet is totally up to you, and we’ve honestly done more with keeping hair dry than getting it wet.

How to Book

The shower set is available during your boudoir session with us. Or, if you’d really like to make the most of your session, it’s available as an add on to your Flirt Session so you can do all four of our amazing sets. You can find full pricing details here. Starting next week, our Tease package is going away and being replaced by monthly themed minis. I have it on good authority shower minis will be one of these! Ready to book your shower boudoir session? Reach out to us here!

shower boudoir image, showing OCF and boudoir posing skills shower boudoir image, showing OCF and boudoir posing skills blonde woman in shower anonymous black and white shower boudoir image implied nude shower boudoir images model in shower woman in white bodysuit in shower through the waterdrops and fog foggy glass shower, woman behind the waterdrops black and white image of woman in shower water drops on shower, woman behind woman in steamy showerPortfolio image of shower boudoir Portfolio image of shower boudoir Portfolio image of shower boudoir Portfolio image of shower boudoir Portfolio image of shower boudoir Portfolio image of shower boudoir Portfolio image of shower boudoir

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